We Made a Music Video in VR With a Gaming Laptop!

IGN’s Akeem Lawanson teamed up with PHIA of The Virutal Reality Show and Lenovo to craft an original music video set within virtual reality.
Using the Lenovo Legion Slim 7 laptop, Akeem Lawanson had a custom avatar created in Blender, and with the help of the Unity game, engine put the avatar into VRChat to shot an original musical video.
Presented by Legion by Lenovo.

There doesn't get any more meta than This [Music] Now we all know the Lenovo Legion 7 can Be used to play some of the very best AAA titles but did you also know it Could be used as a serving tray and to Comment on this here video but today We're going to use it for something you Probably didn't know it could be used For game development that's right I'm Headed to Miami to meet with FIA of the Virtual reality show where we're going To make a music video All In VR let's go Foreign [Music] Oh my goodness so here we have the Avatar setup in unity which is a game Engine program that we use to put any Kind of Avatar inside of VR chat this Model was modeled in blender by our Friend neuro Normie who's an incredible 3D modeler and it looks just like you Yes he is really incredible he got it Down to the rips in my jeans I got my Watch my glasses there's a familiar Laptop that's the Lenovo Legion 7. yes We've got the Lenovo Legion 7 inside of Unity all ready to upload into VR chat With your avatar too this is this is Wild this is like this is there doesn't Get any more meta than this This is I'm pun intended everyone do you Want to jump into it no not really but

Yes I do all right let's go okay let's Do it What do we have here all right so to get You all geared up and ready to go into Virtual reality we have full body Trackers that are going to track all of Your movements exactly to your avatar we Have these base stations that send out Lasers to track the different vibe Trackers and it should be precise enough To line up exactly with your avatar in Game okay all right I'm I'm a bit scared Of laser so I hope they're harmless Lasers Debatable there's a sign that says Warning laser in use eye protection Required virtual reality is dangerous Alright so what's the final piece uh That I'll need in order to be fully Tracked so of course the final thing we Are going to need is the VR headset Itself oh my goodness can I touch that Of course it is basically your vehicle Into virtual reality right well let's Get started let's get suited up let's do It yeah let's go Here we go [Music] Here we go [Music] [Music] Hey Boys [Music]

[Music] [Music] That was freaking amazing fee I want to Thank you so much for letting me just Make a music video and show me what it's Like to do it in BR well you absolutely Killed it so thank you so much for Having me be a part of this we both Killed it okay bring it in all right

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