Warzone 2.0: The 16 Biggest Changes From the Original Warzone

The long-awaited Warzone 2.0 is here, and with it comes all kinds of quality of life improvements, a brand new map, and loads of new weapons and gameplay changes. So ride along with Youtuber Expel as they break down everything you need to know before hopping into Warzone 2.0.
Warzone 2.0 kicks off a brand new era of Call of Duty’s flagship Battle Royale. With it comes new technology, new features, and new gameplay that all work seamlessly together. Warzone 2.0 is available as a free-to-play title on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PS5, and PC.

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Call of Duty just released the successor For their insanely popular war zone Title but hopping in you're likely to Notice Warzone 2 doesn't even come close To being the same as its older brother Because of that we've put together a List of the 16 biggest changes to help You hit the ground running in Call of Duty war zone 2. of course before diving Into the brand new map all mazra it's Important to first know there's a brand New Loadout system being brought over From Modern Warfare 2 into war zone 2. If you've yet to play the new Modern Warfare title here's the gist of things There's 50 plus base weapons these Weapons are split into 10 different Categories depending on how those Weapons are utilized You Can level up These base weapons and each of them has A unique set of attachments that can be Used on other weapons depending on the Attachment category additionally once You level a weapon to its Max you'll Unlock weapon tuning which allows you to Dive deeper into how beneficial an Attachment is for the stats it's already Boosting or even those it's negatively Affecting well we know it's a bit Complicated after some hours of play and Testing the weapons it's not as Difficult as the barrier to entry may Make it sync past weapons specifically We will be seeing the return of perks in

Warzone however now it will be via the New perk package system meaning the Moment you get your Loadout you'll be Given your first two perks and Throughout the match be able to unlock Your third and fourth perks now that You've at the very least taken a second To look into setting up some weapons Let's talk about the first thing you'll Be doing when you load into a match and That's diving out of the plane if you've Played war zone 1 no doubt you'll Remember being shot out of the sky at Some point while just trying to land Into the match however in war zone 2 They've actually done away with the Ability to shoot while diving out of the Plane this means finding a landing spot Is going to be much easier as you'll be Able to fly farther without the stress Of being eliminated while still being in The air but what's still a bit Frustrating is that while trying to Designate a landing spot especially with A team Your Mark will show up as a white Arrow making it hard to see so of course We had to find a better way to do things Have you and your team go into your Settings and under interface you'll find The color customization panel we Recommend changing your neutral color Which is the color for all the pings you Place on the map to a vibrant easy to Find color like pink or red then when

Marking a location you'll be able to Easily see where your squad is headed After landing in you may notice you're Hearing voices that aren't those of your Teammates Kill me but don't worry you're not going Crazy it's just Warzone 2's third big Change in war zone 2 there's a new Function called proximity chat while you May have heard of this feature due to Its popularity in other games like Playerunknown's Battlegrounds this is The first time it's been implemented in A Call of Duty title but because this is Its first implementation in Call of Duty Many people either won't know it's there Or may not quite know how it works and You can use that to your advantage So Within about 50 meters you're you're Going to be able to hear your enemies Speaking if they're talking to their Teammate in game chat listen closely and Do your best not to do the same as to Give your position away or if you're Looking to make some friends Heck if You're looking to talk some trash just Chatter away and see what happens but What you may want to know a bit more About rather than just those in-game Screaming matches is the brand new Looting system see back in the original War zone looting was pretty simple you Could find random loot throughout the Match on the ground open a chest and it

Would drop items out onto the ground or After eliminating an enemy all their Loot would explode into a pile where Their body lifelessly lays Horizon 2 is Quite different from that first while You're still able to find chess Throughout the map that'll dump loot Onto the ground most lootable items are Going to be in areas that make sense for That specific loot to be looking for Heels check a medicine cabinet looking For money check a cash register looking For plates well plates are actually just About everywhere shoot you can even find Gas cans in gas stations but we'll get To that later as for when you eliminate An enemy you'll be presented with a new Bag looting system for dead bodies this Means instead of loot pouring out on the Ground all the enemies items will be Secured into a small bag laying on their Location of elimination and all you need To do is open up that bag and find the Items you're wanting to put into yours Speaking of your bag Horizon 2's fifth Big change is its new inventory system Similar to games like pubg and Apex Legends Call of Duty has decided to Change to a backpack based inventory System meaning you'll begin with a small Backpack and have the opportunity to Find medium and large backpacks Throughout the map in various chests These backpacks are going to give you

More space to hold items in your Personal inventory as well as being able To hold a third gun which can be shared With a teammate or switched out if one Of the two you're already using runs out Of ammo however carrying a third weapon Isn't the only thing these backpacks can Do with the addition of the backpack Inventory system you have the option to Carry as much of one specific item as Can fit in the slots available whether You find your slots or best spill with Armor plates additional ammo kill Streaks or self revives the Opportunities are nearly endless what's Not endless is Warzone 2's sixth big Change and that's contracts in the Original war zone you were able to grab Recon scavenger Bounty Most Wanted and Supply run contracts however war zone 2 Has a Fresh Approach to things while Some contracts have been removed others Have been slightly changed to fit the New theme of war zone for example these New contracts include old ones like the Most wanted and Bounty contracts but Also add in the Intel and safe cracker Contracts however it's really just a Reskin of the old ones as with the Intel Contracts you'll find a piece of Intel In the form of a laptop then upload it At a designated Uplink area similar to Recons and with the safe cracker Contracts you'll find three nearby safes

Designated on the map below them wide Open with some supplied explosives and Grab your loot off the ground similar to Scavengers they've also added a new nuke Contract but that's a conversation for a Different day a as it can't be simply Found around the map like the others and Requires a lot more steps to acquire Once you're able to complete these Contracts and find yourself with plenty Of money I'm sure you'll be trying to Spend it at a nearby buy station well That's actually Wars on 2's seventh big Change istation's got a huge overhaul in Fact it's now been split into two Categories gear and weapons from the Gear category you'll find equipment Field upgrades and kill streaks and from The weapons well I bet you can guess That one while all the gear has Different prices according to what You're buying it's good to note that the Weapons section only allows you to buy One gun at a time for five thousand Dollars a piece and there's no option to Purchase a Loadout drop five free Loadout drops do fall during the third Circle and a line in the middle of the Circle if you're trying to get your Perks and equipment from your preset Classes otherwise just sticking with Weapons isn't such a bad idea in Warzone 2. what is a bad idea is thinking that All that movement you learned like slide

Canceling and bunny hopping is going to Work in warzone because Warzone 2's Eighth big change is the Slowdown of Advanced movement plenty of people have Already voiced their concerns on this And you'll likely have your own opinion But in Warzone 2 movement is much slower There's no slide canceling no bunny Hopping and really nothing even close to Either they've actually added in a Mechanic called dolphin diving and Regular sliding Still Remains even if it Is pretty much useless in most scenarios Additionally we recommend keeping your Weapon sights aimed down and ready to Shoot as often as possible because it's Going to take some time to aim down Sights with something like an assault Rifle battle rifle or sniper rifle due To the weight of the attachments in this Game in Warzone 2's 9th big change Swimming most weapons don't even work But we should honestly just be happy to Have the option to swim because in the Original war zone well this would happen Foreign in war zone 2 is actually pretty Cool it has simple mechanics and is very Intuitive like just looking and moving Where you want to go it's best to note You still have to come up for air and if You don't the same thing that happened In Warzone will end up happening in war Zone 2. it's also best to be careful Where you find yourself jumping into the

Water sometimes you'll jump into an area Where there's no ladder and you're Forced to swim for a long time if that's The case stable a water for as long as Possible because if someone sees you Then you're likely going to be shot like Fish in a barrel or hey you could search For a boat which brings us to war zone 2's 10th big change new vehicles while There may have been only four or five Vehicles in the original war zone Warzone 2 actually has 10 vehicles to Traverse all mazura whether you find Yourself on land or attempting to be a River pirate the option to do either is There actually you can even be a soccer Mom and hop in a hatchback but if you Catch someone doing something similar Don't let that sweet facade fool you There's new Mechanics for those vehicles That could get you eliminated if you're Not careful not only can you lean out of Vehicles to shoot your weapon if you're Feeling extra frisky you can climb all The way on top of the roof and really Let those bullets fly while you're Letting those bullets fly you may as Well head on over to Warzone 2's 11th Big change the new strongholds and black Sides similar to fortnite war zone 2 Added AI Bots that fill specific areas Of the map and after eliminating those Bots and exploring that area you'll be Able to retrieve higher tier loop at

Strongholds once you complete a bomb Defusal you'll be able to get your Loadout out out of a chest where the Bomb defusal happened but don't think For a second that these AIS are going to Be a piece of cake underestimating them Could be your downfall as for black Sights these are unlocked by completing The strongholds and finding a key inside You can then use that KIA to black site And go for a round two of sorts against Even harder Ai and once you reach the End of those AI you'll find a big bad Boss Juggernaut that is not to be Trifled with but if you're anything like Us you tend to think your abilities are A bit better than they actually are and Because of that find yourself dying more Often than you'd like to admit but once You've died if it's not closed just yet You'll find yourself in Warzone 2's 12th Big change the new Gulag while its Predecessor had a post-death gulag that Would allow you to fight an enemy in a One versus one battle to the death war Zone 2 changed things entirely to begin With you're thrown into a gulag with Either your teammate if they died with You or a random enemy and you have to Fight two other random enemies luckily With the aforementioned proximity chat You can speak with your newfound Teammate but that doesn't always mean The Synergy is gonna be there or even if

You two somehow survive a bit longer you Might end up finding yourself having to Fight another Juggernaut in the gulag Don't worry though if the Synergy isn't There or the Juggernaut has its way with You there's still one more chance for You and your team and that's through Warzone 2's 13th big change in-game Events yes in-game events like Jailbreaks and chest restocks are bad But Call of Duty has now added in one Additional event that can change the Course of any match and that event is a Circle split during one of the earlier Circles after around 10 minutes of the Match when a new circle is set to form There's a large chance that instead of One Circle it could split into two if That happens you'll be forced to either Go into one Circle or the other to Continue the match then after the timer Is up the circles will converge into one And the match will continue as it would Have before however it's likely you'll Find a ton of action in one Circle or The other so whichever way you decide to Go be sure to stick with your squad and Watch each other's backs on the other Hand if you're interested in literally Watching your own back war zone 2 comes With an all-new third-person Battle Royale mode which of course is Warzone 2's 14th big change unlike any past Call Of Duty BRS third person mode has made

Its way into war zone 2 in the form of a Game mode to be clear this isn't a force Game type nor is it an option that can Be changed by the flip of a switch in Your settings or oppressive a button on Your input device instead be on the Lookout for the mode when choosing if You're wanting to play solos Duos trios Or quads in the pre-game menu as it may Be one of the selectable options as for Warzone 2's 15th big change it comes in The form of a new battle pass system Sadly this one's a bit confusing and It's understandable if you can't figure It out at first don't worry we couldn't Either but after a few minutes of toying With it here's what you need to know Unlike the simple system Warzone 1 and Many other games have chosen to Implement Warzone 2 has a map that you Can slowly fill as you unlock more and More tiers so if you're trying to get to Tier A3 first you'll need to unlock Battle pass tokens by playing the game Then use those tokens to unlock all five Items within first tier A1 then all five Items from A2 revealing A3 for more Purchases once you've unlocked all the Items in all 20 tiers you'll then be Given the final completion items at no Additional cost of your battle pass Tokens as previously stated this seems To be on necessarily complicated however It does open up the opportunity to

Somewhat select what tiers of items in The battle pass map you'd like to unlock First as for war zone 2's final big Change moving into war zone 2 we have The loss of warzone's resurgence modes If you're unsure of what I'm meaning in Warzone 1 we had the rebirth Island and Fortune's keep maps and these Maps were Available to give players more of a Chance to come back throughout the match As they'd simply be given a timer rather Than a gulag when they were eliminated With Warzone 2's release not only do we Not see the addition of a Resurgence map Or mode into the game they've also taken The first war zones Resurgence Maps Offline this may come as a shock to a Lot of people and is likely to be very Frustrating to those that chose to play That on the daily but there are rumors That sometime next year in 2023 we'll be Seeing a brand new Resurgence experience Coming to war zone 2. and those were Just some of the biggest changes you'll Find in the brand new Warzone 2 overall Be sure to leave a comment down below Letting us know what you think of War Zone 2.0 and for much much more on Call Of Duty you're already in the right Place IGN

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