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This is the Transformers: Rise of the Beasts movie trailer breakdown, where we list off all of the Autobots, Decepticons, Maximals, and Predacons shown in the Transformers: Rise of the Beasts trailer. In the #Transformers movie trailer, we see the Autobot crew with Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Arcee, Mirage, and Wheeljack all seen in the trailer. Along with some of the Maximals making their live-action debut with Optimus Primal, Rhinox, Cheetor, and Airazor. Then we also see the Terrorcons Battletrap and Scourge make an appearance in the trailer. Scourge will apparently be the main antagonist of the film. The #BeastWars franchise is given new live in live-action with this movie, as we see the Maximals make an appearance alongside the Autobots. For those unfamiliar with the Maximals, they’re Transformers who disguise themselves as organic animals. And in the Beast Wars series, the Maximals and their opposing side, Predacons, are actually from the future of the Transformers timeline, but due to the leader of the Predacons (Megatron, named after Megatron) wanting to change the outcome of The Great War between the Autobots and the Decepticons, they’re all sent to prehistoric Earth.

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Hey everybody how's it going Hakeem here And in today's fix of entertainment news We're talking about the Transformers Rise of the Beast trailer delving into The cybertronians that were shown in the Trailer the Beast Wars story and the Overall timeline of the film let's get Into it All right now in the Transformers rise Of the Beast movie we're getting the Autobot crew with Optimus Prime Bumblebee RC Mirage and will Jack all Seen in the trailer along with some of The maximals of making their live-action Debut with Optimus primal rhinox Chi Tour and air razor then we also see the Terracons battle trap and Scourge make An appearance in the trailer as well now Scourge will apparently be the main Antagonist of the film now for those Unfamiliar with the maximals they're Transformers who disguise themselves as Organic animals and in the base War Series The maximals and their opposing Side Predacons are actually from the Future of the Transformers timeline but Due to the leader of the Predacons Megatron named after Megatron wanting to Change the outcome of the Great War Between the autobots and the Decepticons They're all sent to prehistoric Earth a Time before the Autobots and Decepticons Have awakened to start their beef with One another which we all see play out in

The G1 Transformers series in that Subsequent animated movie where that one Autobot got the touch and had the power Y'all know the one I'm talking about Yeah Light our darkest hour Anyways hopefully that wasn't too Confusing of a summary but when you're Dealing with the Transformers and its Overall lore it's bound to get a little Hairy at certain points Now speaking of Harry we didn't see rat Trap in the trailer but y'all best Believe he'll be in the film likely a Reveal in a future trailer now he's been A fan favorite since his appearance in Beast wars and again in Beast Machines Now he's also Optimist primal's right Hand man so to not have him make an Appearance in the live-action movie Y'all best believe there's going to be An uproar amongst fans well That's just Pride Well I hope it's not just Prime I hope It's rat trap too anyways we also didn't See the leader of the Predacons Megatron Make an appearance along with waspenator And I think we're all living for the Moment to hear him say this in the movie And I think we all want to hear Megatron Say yeah yes in a way that's both Unsettling and a turn on if that's your Kink I like you

Yes oh that feels so creepy and yet it Feels so right yes anyways the film is Looking to really blend all these Different Transformers timelines which Will be interesting to see how they pull It all off Now Netflix's Transformers War of Cybertron Trilogy was a brilliant Telling of the Transformers story which Combined elements from the original Transformers Mythos with the Beast War Story to tell a rather unique and Compelling narrative with all those Characters now from the rise of the Beast's trailer we'll be getting our Fair amount of cybertronians both good And bad guys so it'll be interesting to See how the big screen handles it all in Live action As for the timelines of these movies Including the Michael Bay films from What we were able to break down from the Collection of Transformer films are the Following Bumblebee the movie takes place in the Year 1987 so it's a prequel to all the Previous films Transformers rise of the Beast takes place after that in 1994. Now Transformers the movie has Flashbacks that go back to 1897 where a Wiki activates Megatron's navigational Device and he hones in on the Coordinates of the allspark damn wit Wikis look what you did man anyways but

That film the first in the Michael Bay Line of movies takes place in 2007 the Transformers Revenge of the Fallen is in 2009 but were given lore that goes back To 17 000 BC where the original Autobots known As primes were doing Prime things until One of the primes decided to do some Evil Prime things becoming the first Decepticon known as the Fallen well Ain't that just Prime yeah anyways then We have Transformers Dark of the moon's Timeline in 2012 but we see visions of Occurrences from 1961 where an invention That is capable of ending the war Between the autobots and the Decepticons Crash lands on the moon then there's Transformers age of Extinction taking Place in 2017 but it opens with a scene That takes place 65 million years in the Past where these aliens cover the Earth With something known as transformium That subsequently kills all other damn Dinosaurs so that's how it happened go Tell the history books everyone anyways Finally we have Transformers The Last Knight which takes place in 2018 but Takes us back to 484 A.D where Merlin Yeah you all know Merlin that wizard man Enlist the help of a bunch of Transformers just chilling to help him And King Arthur defeat the Sextons it's Not really their fight but whatever Anyway so you can see Bumblebee and Rise

Of the Beast takes place before the slew Of Michael Bay films which is the best Way to do it in my opinion trying to Make sense out of the bay timeline and Justify certain Transformers coming back Would be exhausting now the Bumblebee Movie gave a new life to the live action Transformers films and Rise of the Beasts is shaping up to do the very same Especially with the introduction of the Beast Wars line of characters it's Exactly what fans of the 90s television Series wanted and we're getting it y'all Now let's just hope all our favorites Make an appearance now which Beast Wars Characters are you hoping to see in this Film and what did you think of the Trailer sound off in the comment section Down below and let's discuss Transformers rise of the Beast hits Theaters June 9th 2023 and that was your Fix of entertainment news for today I'm Akimla Watson and thank you all for Watching now that your accountable Today's news please go check out the Trailer of Transformers rise of the Beasts maybe you noticed something that We didn't Let's Talk About It download The IGN app on audio prices for Everything else stick with IGN

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