The Witcher 3: How to Get the Netflix Series Gear (Forgotten Wolf School)

This video shows you how to get the new Witcher Gear inspired by the Netflix series. This armor and sword set is unlocked by completing the quest In The Eternal Fire’s Shadow (part of the Witcher 3 Next-Gen update) then finishing the Scavenger Hunt: Forgotten Wolf School Gear Diagrams.

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Interesting basilisk you've got there Goes it's interesting hey everybody John Ryan here from IGN and I'm going to show You real quickly how to get the new Witcher gear from the Netflix series in The Next Gen update for The Witcher 3. Right what do I know I'm just a Witcher It's pretty straightforward to get a Hold of just head to the Devil's Pit Near mulberrydale and velen it used to Be a bandit Camp if memory serves the One with that conspicuously locked door Well talk to the priest of the Eternal Fire outside the pit to start this new Quest and we'll finally see what's down In that mine help me if they breach the Gate a pestilence will be upon us Desperate times call for a Witcher huh Note that if you're gonna haggle for a Bonus your best bet is to ask for 250 Crowns anything we tried over 260 Irritated this guy so much he ended up Only giving us like an extra 30 coins But when we asked for 250 he agreed to It right off the bat very well agreed Y'all need to text someone from your own Purse but I believe you're worth it Please Help me Foreign Now there are a few ways this Quest can Play out you can see all the endings in Our full walkthrough but regardless of What choices you make you'll still walk

Away with the diagram for what they're Calling the Forgotten Here worth a look around next time I'm At CareMore You can head to care more and to grab The rest of the notes to complete the Blueprints from this bookshelf in the Main hall The crafting components aren't too rare Though you will need some dimeridium Plate for the chest piece and the silver Sword requires a Flawless Ruby though Plenty of merchants sell these and some Powdered monster tissue which you can Get by dismantling stuff like Griffin Feathers or Specter dust It's also worth noting that to craft the Basic version of these items you'll need To visit at least journeyman level Crafters or higher how may I assist you If you can't remember where they are or Are starting a fresh save maybe on one Of the expansions there's an armorer and Crow's Purge and a blacksmith in Oxenford who can help you out a customer Will you craft something for me Foreign and that's it time to do who Wore it better between Superman geralt And geralt For more on the latest update to The Witcher 3 check out the full Quest Behind this new armor set or have a look At the next gen graphics comparison for All your other Monster hunting needs

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