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The DualSense Edge, Sony’s high-end PlayStation 5 controller, is officially priced at $199.99 – is that too much for a controller? Join Max Scoville, Brian Altano, Jada Griffin and Akeem Lawanson as we unpack our conflicted thoughts on the matter and look back at some of the more expensive controllers in the history of gaming, from Microsoft’s Xbox Elite controller, to Steel Battalion’s infamous Mega Jockey 9000, to Nintendo’s iconic Power Glove. Plus, new Silent Hill might be on the way, but it’s been a quiet (and crappy) decade for Silent Hill fans as the PS Vita-exclusive Book of Memories turns 10. Why hasn’t Konami treated survival horror fans as lovingly as Capcom has with Resident Evil’s new games and remakes?

Speaking of spooky remakes, can we get a PS5 version of Bloodborne, already? If we’re getting overhauled versions of modern Sony classics like The Last of Us: Part One (which already got remastered once) and the much-rumored PS5 port of Horizon Zero Dawn, how about giving one of the best PS4 exclusives some 4K 60-frames-per-second love, too? Demon’s Souls shows Bluepoint can handle a FromSoft game. Bloodborne needs a next-gen transfusion next. Oh, and Horizon Forbidden West is getting its own clothing line thanks to a collaboration with ASOS – it’s taking a more fashion-forward approach than most gaming merch, but we have mixed feelings overall.


00:00:00 – Intro
00:01:34 – News & Stuff
00:10:48 – Is the DualSense Edge Worth $200?
00:22:28 – A Decade of NO Silent Hill
00:34:44 – What Was That Noise?
00:39:36 – Remaster Bloodborne, You Cowards!
00:43:20 – ASOS + Horizon Forbidden West + Outro

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