The Devil In Me – First 20 Minutes of Gameplay

Check out the first 20 minutes of gameplay from The Devil In Me, the latest entry in The Dark Pictures Anthology. Developed by Supermassive Games, and coming November 18th 2022, this cinematic horror game will find players trying to escape the ‘Murder Castle’, a replica of real life serial killer H. H. Holmes’ hotel.

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Thank you Foreign The wheel is 264 feet Jeff can you Imagine it I'm attempting to I bet you can see for a hundred miles at The top we should make that our first Priority Whatever pleases you the most you please Me the most You mean you are not weary of me after An entire day of marriage I will never Be weary of you I shall hold you to that My dear I think we've arrived Isn't this Grand as advertised Very nice Chicken Are we the only ones here I'm sure there Was a Mad Dash first thing this morning To get to the fair Try again Foreign Well For the level of service we're in store For Let's not wait till tomorrow morning Let's sign in and go straight there We're not going anywhere if no one Checks us in Slow service that means they're making Sure everything is perfect It's my Marie always finding that silver Lining

My sincere apologies For both startling you and for making You wait My attention was Needed elsewhere I promise from here on out it will be Nothing but Silver Linings Welcome to the World's Fair Hotel Please Sign in here First time in Chicago I'm going to Hazard a guest and assume You're here to take in the exposition The fair yes but that's not all Today is a very special day for us Oh A honeymoon How very very lovely Oh Perhaps my wife Mrs Whitman would like To sign Yes today is the beginning of our Honeymoon Congratulations In that case an upgrade is in order A honeymoon suite it is Oh well uh Are the rates that much higher I think nothing of it the same rates as Your regular room the upgrade is on us You're our first Honeymooners How kind thank you Mr Holmes Henry Howard Holmes

You have a lovely Hotel Mr Holmes well Thank you very much I designed and built Most of it myself You're an architect then Architect Designer Builder Doctor Artist I'm a man of many interests Impressive Please have a look around We have Sundries and gifts at the Pharmacy counter I'll take your luggage Up to your room and ensure that Everything is in order Just make a note if you decide to Purchase anything and we will add it to Your bill Thank you Mr Holmes We appreciate it The pleasure is all mine Now what did I forget to bring Foreign Oh Pardon Me Miss Careful you my husband gets awfully Crossed with men who act fresh he sounds Like a ripe fellow How's the marriage going Lovely thanks for asking Well let's just head up I'm sure the Room is ready See anything good over there at the Jewelry counter anything fancy

Wouldn't you like to know Wonder what's in a year I'm starting to think I've gone and Married a thrill seeker Ferris wheels forbidden rooms Are we looking for excitement perhaps Nothing but an unfinished room See what happens when you chase a thrill If this is you trying to get out of the Ferris wheel I know you won't be denied Wait What's that Don't move Sorry Are we lost A wrong turn it would seem this room is Being renovated it's not safe Of course we you must have missed the Sign saying private must have We're very sorry I can't have you Falling through floors and having your Brains dashed out can I No Again we apologize I think nothing of it I'm only thinking of your safety Wouldn't want you to get hurt Welcome newlyweds to the honeymoon suite Thank you kindly Mr Holmes Do enjoy your stay If you'll excuse me I have Work to return to I'm sure we'll see each other again soon Goodness this place is Fit For A King

Or my queen Oh you Kiss this oh That is not very wifely of you Bullseye you asked for it Should I be frightened if you're smart Laughs Mercy Mercy okay you win anything broken Only my pride How about a peace offering Hmm This feels like some sort of treacherous Plot Not at all I have a gift for you Close your eyes and face the mirror Aren't you clever and romantic If I get a pillow to the face I will Suck you right in the kisser Is there a problem no Open your eyes Oh Jeff it's lovely I love it good Victory is mine I'll let you have that bath now Oh My God It's jammed shut Maybe if we put a little weight into it Open sesame Thank you Why don't you have a shade while I take A quick bath then we can reconvene I Know that word it's French for something Elicit

Shush shave I think I forgot to pack my Razor and kid I'm sure the pharmacy Downstairs has them Don't be too long in that bath Don't you worry Better not Hmm I could have sworn this was the way we Came up What Oh my God Three Hmm Is that you darling Jeff Oh are we playing another game Okay Mr smoothie You can't sneak up on me Mr Homes Hello what are you doing in here Jess I don't think he can quite hear you Get away from me yeah I'm not finished Yet Don't fight it Would only hurt more if you do What What are you what have you done calm Yourself sir Senior wife has had an accident Is there a problem sir Foreign Foreign Mm-hmm A place for everything

In its place Well look at this oh it's wonderful only The best for you my dear mother would Simply die it's so I say good man do you Work here Hello Welcome to the World's Fair Hotel Oh Orders Won't you spare me over till another Year Well what is this Okay

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