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On today’s IGN The Daily Fix:Microsoft’s streaming-only Xbox console, codenamed Project Keystone, was put on hold because it was too expensive to produce. Xbox boss Phil Spencer is confident that delaying Bethesda’s Starfield was the right move.Presented by Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet. Narz has it all on today’s Daily Fix!

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What's up fabulous Nars here and on Today's daily fix Xbox's next console is Put on hold because its cost is too damn High Xbox boss Bill Spencer says he is Confident in the decision to delay Starfield and what you need to know About the shiny new terroristalization Ability in Pokemon scarlet and Pokemon Violet it's all presented by Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon violet Foreign 's latest Xbox console which is codename Project Keystone is being put on hold Because the cost of production is just Too damn High according to the verge Xbox boss Phil Spencer conveyed Microsoft's struggle to create a Streaming only Xbox console that would Sell for a cheap price between 99 to 129 USD the idea would be to sell project Keystone at a significantly cheaper Price point than either the Xbox series S or X to make the Xbox platform a Viable option for even more customers Looking to dip their toe into their Ecosystem however Spencer lamented that The streaming only console would simply Cost too much saying the console we Built that people have seen Keystone was More expensive than we wanted it to be When we actually built it out with the Hardware that we had inside we decided To focus that team's efforts on Delivering the smart TV streaming app

Xbox is working on its initiative to Make gaming more available and Accessible but it seems that a Stadia-like version of the Xbox console Is not a possibility right now speaking Of the big Xbox man Spencer also doubled Down his belief that the delay of the XBox exclusive star field was the right Choice In the same episode of The Verge podcast Decoder with nilai Patel Spencer stated He was confident in bethesda's decision To delay the game as releasing it too Early would be a mistake that the Company has experienced before as Bethesda's first XBox exclusive Spencer Believes developers should feel Supported by their publisher saying we Have experienced shipping games too Early but in hindsight when you look at A game like Starfield which has taken so Long and so much investment in new IP From the team the decision to give the Team the time to build the game that They feel they should be building is Just the right thing to do speaking About Starfield and redfall the first Big XBox exclusive from zenimax Bethesda's pairing company he continued I just wanted to make sure those teams Felt they had the support they could get From Xbox maybe feel some of the benefit Of being part of a larger organization That has other revenue streams and other

Things going on that could be helpful Initially scheduled to release on November 11th Starfield is now late to The first half of 2023 along with Arcane's next title redfall although Many have been frustrated over the lack Of first-party Xbox content rest assured That when Starfield releases it will Knock the game into orbit as a massive Space RPG with over 250 000 lines of Dialogue featuring the biggest city ever Built in a game and includes a main Quest longer than Skyrim and Fallout 4. So let's feel confident our patients Will absolutely be worth it And finally the newest chapter is in the Pokemon series Pokemon scarlet and Pokemon Violet features some unique Transformations thanks to the mysterious Terrastal phenomenon Pokemon in the Paldaya region have the ability to Rasterize and gain a special power Pokemon that activate the ability will Start to glisten like a cut gemstone and A Terra Jewel will appear above their Head like a crown each Pokemon has a Terror type that is inactive until it Rationalizes when a terastalized Pokemon Uses a move that matches its Terror type It'll greatly boost that move's power Pokemon's Terror type isn't visible Until they transform so you can use this Hidden type to take your opponent by Surprise in battle combined Terror types

With different moves and abilities to Open up new strategic possibilities and Gain the upper hand think you're ready To become a champion Master Terror types And become the very best in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet available November 18th only on the Nintendo Switch family of systems and that's your Daily fix for today November 16th Download the IGN app on all your devices Subscribe to the daily fix on Snapchat And for everything else just keep Watching IGN I'm Nars and remember to Always stay fabulous

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