The Callisto Protocol’s Glen Schofield On Designing Chase Sequences

As part of The Callisto Protocol Mastering Horror Roundtable, Striking Distance Studios’ Glen Schofield describes the difficulties of designing chase sequences in video games.

Presented by The Callisto Protocol. Coming to PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms on December 2nd, 2022.

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At Glenn your previous Works made hearty Meals out of cat and mouse Chase Sequences that culminate in a cathartic Encounter how do you design those kinds Of set pieces man a chase scene in video Game is so hard to do because the the Timing and you don't know how fast the Uh the the player is gonna run or you Know are they going to ram into a wall Or whatever so uh they are uh yeah They're they're a lot of work Um and then sometimes you have to have The enemy AI Realize what the you know the player is Doing and kind of like react to that you Don't want the player dying all the time But Um well we kind of do Um so yeah they're they're uh believe it Or not they are hard to do and Um so we've we've limited how many we do You can only do a couple in it you know You don't We have one big chase scene and in ours Really and um depending on your how you Play you'll you'll uh you'll get caught By a couple of them so Um there They're they're they're not easy man but Uh when you get it right it feels so Good and um it's uh you know I think the Players really enjoy them they talk About that a lot

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