Synced – Official Open Beta Reveal Trailer

Synced is an upcoming third-person rogue-looter shooter where nanotechnology has become the backbone of civilization. In the wake of a cataclysm known as the Collapse, the nanomachines have turned against their creators, consuming humans to propagate themselves and transforming into the deadly Nanos. Players will team up in squads of three to encounter intense PvE and PvP battles to fight back against the Nanos and seek valuable rewards. Synced’s Open Beta runs from December 10, 2022 to January 15, 2023.

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Welcome to synced an online Rogue looter Set in the aftermath of a technological Cataclysm known as the collapse nanite Machines wants the promise of the future Turned on Humanity twisting the Countless dead into mechanized beast Called Nanos Ground Zero of this fight Lies inside a sealed off Zone forbidden To the world known as the Meridian it Calls to the best of the best that's Where you come in you're a runner a Mercenary who's come to answer the call Your runner from a mixed band of Heroes From across the globe each one brings Their own set of perks and skills with Your runner at the ready you'll take on The nano-infested dead sectors of the Meridian in PVE Road Luke gameplay and You won't be alone you'll team up in Squads of three players but you got to Be ready no single run is like the last [Music] Thank you [Music] [Music] Foreign Run is a battle so get ready Runner the Journey is only beginning [Music]

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