Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League – Batman Reveal Trailer (Kevin Conroy) | The Game Awards 2022

Blog: Legendary voice actor Kevin Conroy is set to play Batman one last time in the upcoming action adventure from Rocksteady Games.

[Applause] [Music] All right flash is clear keep your eyes On him people Somebody find the back entrance Oh crap This door will not hold we must Barricade it Say this I spent a lot of time dreaming up how I Was gonna kill you with Your mind now and you're in for a world Of Come on [Music] Oh Oh oh hi guys oh we were just having a Life You hear that Please help me Hey Bruce Still using Shadows to scare the crap Out us criminals huh Don't sweat it Batman doesn't kill People Are you okay I am Vengeance I am the night I am Batman [Applause]

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