Silent Hill 2 Remake Trailer Breakdown

Silent Hill 2 is being remade by the Bloober team, and with the Silent Hill transmission dropping the first trailer, we figured we’d put that key in the ignition and rev up some Easter eggs, throwbacks, and secrets. Let’s dive in on everything we found in the first trailer for the upcoming survival horror game, the Silent Hill 2 remake.

The Silent Hill 2 remake trailer opens with a shot of a cockroach before panning up to James as he washes his hands. If you think that cockroach shot looks familiar, it’s because it’s a callback to the greatest playable teaser Konami ever released, P.T., which also starts with an earwig crawling across the floor. The scene also literally mirrors the scene of James looking into the mirror in the original game.

Also in this scene, you can see a tan line around James’ wedding ring finger, illustrating the fact that he took it off at some point. It’s an interesting detail that may indicate he was trying to move on from the loss of his wife Mary, but the sleepy and eerie town of Silent Hill came calling.

Watch our full Silent Hill 2 remake trailer breakdown for all the details we spotted, including Pyramid Head, Brookhaven Hospital, little Laura, Toluca Lake, James’ jacket, the “Free The Innocent Man” puzzle, and much more.

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