Rick and Morty Brings Back the Vat of Acid Prank #rickandmorty #shorts

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Did you catch this sneaky Rick and Morty Easter egg It's a self-referential Easter egg this Time the vat of acid prank a Rick and King mortar's Mort brought back this Classic Rick Sanchez move after he and Morty jump into a new vat of acid to Avoid a pretty impossible Choice stump Thy This of course is a call back to season Four is aptly named the vat of acid Episode when Rick spends the whole Episode getting Morty to admit that his Idea to evade gangsters by faking their Deaths in a vat of acid which is Actually Mountain Dew is in fact a great Plan just admit it was a shitty idea and It is because here it is again to bail Them out of a rough spot as Morty has to Choose between cutting off his own junk Or destroying our solar system they Nailed this reference down to the exact Pose of the two falling getting Immortalized in stained glass I can't Get nothing past the chicken bone lady

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