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Remedy Entertainment has confirmed that Control 2 is in development for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S, and PC. Razer has announced a $249.99 PlayStation 5 and PC controller called the Wolverine V2 Pro that has Xbox-style offset sticks.

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Narz has it all on today’s Daily Fix!

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What's up fabulous Nars here and on Today's daily fix remedy has announced That control 2 is officially in the Works razer's new PlayStation 5 Controller gives the Dual sense Edge a Run for its money and everything we've Learned this week about God of War Ragnarok and it's all presented by God Of War Ragnarok rated M for Mature Available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles let's get into it Foreign Foreign Game that won IGN's 2019 game of the Year is officially getting a sequel According to developer remedy Entertainment announced in a blog post Remedy will once again be working with 505 games to develop and publish the Sequel which had previously had the Working title of codename Heron we can Expect control 2 to be significantly More ambitious in scope as it's been Given a 52 million dollar budget almost Twice that of the first game which was Developed for about 30 million dollars Control 2 isn't the only project remedy Has in the works either in addition to The highly anticipated Ellen wig 2 There's also coded Condor the working Title for a four-player co-op PVE game If you haven't had the chance to check Out the original control you should Remedy that immediately IGN wasn't the

Only Outlet to give it game of the year And it nabbed a pile of awards and it's Gotten a bunch of DLC since lunch too so Go check it out Moving on Razer announced a new Contender in the controller Wars putting The PlayStation 5 dual Sun's Edge and Xbox Elite 2 to shame with a massive Price tag and extremely cool name Razer's controller is called The Wolverine V2 Pro and it's compatible With both PC and Playstation 5. Officially licensed by Sony of course The Wolverine features remappable Buttons interchangeable thumbsticks and Adjustable triggers with an incredibly Fast 2.4 gigahertz low latency wireless Connection via a USB a dongle pairing it With the Razer app will unlock Customization features that include Stick sensitivity button mapping and Lighting effects and if you need even More buttons the controller will come With two additional buttons in the front And four in the back the price a Whopping 249.99 USD 50 bucks more than Sony's own high-end dual sense Edge the Only downside to the Wolverine V2 Pro is That it does not feature a vibration or Have the feedback of any kind the Company emphasized that the Razer Wolverine V2 Pro is a controller focus On competitive play vibration is not a Feature that is typically utilized in

Competitive settings as it can Negatively affect Precision when playing Games that require more accurate Directional input The Wolverine V2 Pro Controller is out later this year just Barely it'll be available December 31st So if this catches your fantasy maybe Wait a week before spending any cash or Gift cards you get from the holidays and Finally God of War Ragnarok is available Now on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 Consoles so in celebration of the Release we're recapping everything we've Talked about this week to get you ready For the battle prophecy to end the world The latest chapter in the God of War Series lets you travel to all nine Rounds of Idris El including all new Rounds like spartal time manaheim and Asgard with the fate of the world Hanging in the balance Rachel and atreus Will need to push their skills to the Limit thankfully they'll have new Equipment and allies to assist them on The way Kratos is getting access to new Shields like The Dauntless and Stonewall Which provides a Perry stunt and a Kinetic smash respectively kratos's Offensive weapons are also getting new Signature moves that imbue the Leviathan Acts with the power of ice and the Blades of chaos with the power of fire They'll encounter new friends like tear The long lost Acer god of war and anger

Boda one of the last remaining Giants to Fight by their side against fearsome Enemies including the Aether Champion Thor if you're looking to get some God Of War Ragnarok swag be sure to visit Ragnarok fix giveaway for the Official rules and for a chance to win a Bunch of God of War Ragnarok merch like Digital Deluxe copies of the game with In-game armor sets and Pearson avatars Backpacks ice notes keychains and more And there you have it God of War Ragnarok is available right now on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles And that's your daily fix for today November 11th download the IGN app on All your devices subscribe to the daily Fix on Snapchat and for everything else Just keep watching IGN I'm nice and Remember to always stay fabulous

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