NVIDIA Got Rid of the Glue: Tear-Down of the RTX 4090, Power Design, & Adapter Cables

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In this one, we’re working with Malcolm from the Thermal Engineering team and Qi (PM) to talk about power design, thermal design, transients, cables, and more for the RTX 4090. This is the last of the 4090 FE videos for now, though we’ll have more GPU reviews soon (including partner models) and some AM5 Ryzen 7000 content.

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And our deeper dive on the cooler and cable here:

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00:00 – No More Glue, Drills, and Heat Guns
03:17 – Backside Comes Off
04:26 – Why Different Sized Screws?
05:20 – Thermal Engineering Lesson on the Fans
08:05 – YOINK
09:15 – Thermal Interface Engineering Choices
10:40 – A Pain to Malcolm’s Thermal Existence
13:26 – Removing the Fans
14:50 – Is There Any Glue?
15:30 – The Worst Part
17:50 – Self-Centering Discussion
19:20 – Electrical Engineering Design & Discussion
21:22 – Memory Locations & Power Density
23:49 – Phase Design
24:32 – The 12-Pin Connector
28:05 – Addressing the Cable Durability

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Host: Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman
Guests: Malcolm Gutenburg (Thermal Engineer at NVIDIA), Qi Lin (Product Manager at NVIDIA)

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