Namor and His Lil’ Ankle Wings Soar in Wakanda Forever | IGN Live Spoilercast

SPOILER WARNING! The Sub-Mariner has finally surfaced in the MCU, and the Atlantis of the comics is now Talokan. We talk full spoilers on Namor, and how Marvel Studios altered his comics origin to better fit Wakanda Forever’s story.

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[Music] Let's talk about uh Namor uh and his Little ankle wings uh how do we feel About that how do we fully got him was He drinking Red Bull or what was it yeah Yeah definitely the teleconian uh Red Bull that they sell down there I would Say it's really easy to make a little And Compressed and during like uh action Scenes the it makes this like it's kind Of like almost like a the Dune Ornithopter I was gonna say it was more like a Rattlesnake shaking its tail like it's Very threatening noise and watching him Use those to like skate through the air And do those aerial action sequences Where he was taking on like gunships Trying to shoot him out of the sky Diving into the water coming back up I Thought this was really cool because yes That is a character who on paper is Silly I think it's even more silly as You try to make it more real but I Thought wow what a great job they did Really respecting that character and Making him intimidating and really cool He was intimidating like I can't believe It but he really was like a force he was Formidable even even the introduction Like he he was introduced us at night And I don't know if y'all like the score The musical score it kind of reminded me

Of like like a Godzilla type score yeah Yeah and like I was I was surprised to Be intimidated by a guy with ankle Wings Yeah [Laughter] No but he comes into it like it's it's During that scene that I've talked about A lot with Rwanda and shuri and he just Like comes up in the water and it's like Also in your mind it's like whoa like How did he get into wakanda and then He's also just standing there with his Elf ears and his ankle wings and it's Like okay like I'm I I'm interested to See where this character goes I enjoying The MCU when uh the filmmakers find very Very quick ways to establish a villain And and how a villain's gonna operate in A movie I think Infinity War does that Excellently there's all this Conversation about like oh Thanos is Totally ineffectual what do they have Thanos do the second he walks on in Infinity War beat the hell out of the Hulk to show how powerful he is how much Of a threat he is what do they do with Namor a country that has been completely You know hidden off I mean like people Knew about it but not exactly how Amazing wakanda was and they have him Just completely invade it and like it's No problem and I think that was a really Effective active way to set up that Namor is going to be a very tricky

Villain to deal with yeah all right well Next up we pulled you all an S who You're most excited to see in black Panther O'Connor forever and it was kind Of a tie with Neymar getting 34.6 of the Vote and the New Black Panther getting 34.1 well fortunately uh they're both in The film so the audience said y'all got Exactly what you wanted uh How do y'all feel about this are y'all Who are y'all excited to see I I mean Well I was most excited I'm with that 13 There I'm an embaku guy so I was most Excited to see mbaku but uh certainly People that are split between Neymar and Black panther well they they get what They want right I understand wanting to See the New Black Panther because you Want to know who who it is they want to See what they can do and everything uh But I was definitely most excited to see Neymar because that's uh you know it's The first Marvel Comics superhero and Like the first mutant so much history in That character and for a while I guess We thought that that character wasn't Even like allowed to be used by the MCU And other classic a rights issue uh but So to finally see the character come to Life in such a cool way on the big Screen I was like oh yeah so he was Definitely my most anticipated yeah I Kind of agree with you Tom but like as a General like I was most excited to see

Like the side characters again like Umaku Okoye the door milage and like all Those kind of characters that were like Kind of on the sidelines and I'm glad They all kind of like got their due in This movie yeah I I thought I was gonna Be super excited to see the New Black Panther but I I don't know it just Really it didn't hit for me uh you know Seeing shuri as the New Black Panther Obviously it was something that I Expected uh just seeing the way Neymar Played out again being you know like He's a mutant and seeing how that whole Thing played out and and him talking About how he got his powers uh I think Was such a it was presented so well I Actually thought the developing of Namor And grounding him in a real world Culture was one of the strengths of the Movie I did think that also that was a Reason like our detour like our tour of Talocon was where the movie kind of Slows down a little too much and maybe That's where little of the bloat comes From uh but I thought the work they did To make Neymar and his people like you Know uh uh like authentic and real and Grounded in our history I thought it was So spectacular because in the comics He's just like he's like a fish dude From uh yeah a mystical city of Atlantis But to to to to make it talocon uh and To now have like a Mayan superhero

Essentially um in the MCU I thought was Incredible and they kind of and and and What Nate sort of referenced in that Clip and we can explain it a little more Here is that the big difference between Wakanda and talocon and so because so Much is similar between those two they Both have access to vibranium they're Both you know kind of protecting Themselves from the outside world they Have a lot in common what's the driving Difference and it's this historical sort Of context that coogler and and his Co-writer Joe Robert Cole bring into it Which is that The telecon teleconil come from a History that they have been conquered Before they have been their their land Has been taken away from them and they Have had to become Nomads essentially Underwater Nomads and wakanda has never Had to be taken out of their borders They've always defended their nation and So that becomes the ideological wedge Between shuri and Neymar that sort of Plays out through the movie and and the The royal family also has to get pulled Into that we we see you know Okoye has To go on a rescue mission for sure as Well and and what did you guys think About that how the royal family reacted To all of uh uh telecoms incursions well I like how how shuri kind of reacted to It and I will say one thing about Namor

That I really like it almost kind of Draws a through line to killmonger where They're the kind of villains where their Methods may be questionable but you can Kind of see where they're coming from I Mean Neymar just wants to protect his to Protect telecon and so I like how you Can kind of see like the gears turning In shuri's head where she's like no I Get it you know but of course you know It makes total sense to me that the Wakandan council would just be like no We're just going to protect our borders And that's a good point uh in a lot of Ways Neymar is like a fusion of t'challa And killmonger yeah because you think About it he's the super power champion And ruler of this you know super uh Super powered Nation Um but like killmonger he he got to go And like have his bloody revenge and and Do you know what what killmonger would So he's a fascinating character in that And I think they did that on purpose to Make a lot of parallels uh between you Know him and the Black Panther and uh in In his society as well with talocon and Wakanda like you're saying yeah and and I want to talk a little bit more about The Dora melange too and how they react Because some of the best action scenes In the movie I thought were when the Dora melange are going up against the Telecommiel uh Warriors yeah what did

You guys think of some of that I do I Like one thing that I loved is when okay Is going against them for the first time And you can just like see the fear in Her eyes which I think was brilliant Acting when she you know goes to kill Them and they're still alive and you can Just see it Dawn on her that she's like We've never faced anything like this and I like that you see them kind of have to Deal with it like they've always kind of Had this advantage of you know having a Defensive front as wakanda and having Vibranium and it's like oh we actually Really have to kick it into gear and I Think Okoye is a great way to explore That because she's kind of the first Person to really experience it no we Actually have one more clip

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