Moonshine Inc. – Official Launch Trailer

Just when you think you’ve seen it all in the management/sim genre comes Moonshine Inc., a clever-looking game where you will oversee and manage, as the name implies, a moonshine business. See if you can make like Mags Bennett from season 2 of Justified and become the moonshine master of the region. Moonshine Inc. will be released tomorrow, December 1, on PC via Steam and GoG.

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Ah what a pleasant afternoon birds are Chirping moonshine a boiling but it's Kind of empty here Now get to work you lazy Schmucks Wait who's calling oh hey Bobby yeah I Got your Brandy Auntie sure whatever you Want wait a second hello Padre that was The sermon oh come on Well let's see what we can do for our Clients Welcome back now we gotta buy ourselves Some ingredients And gonna need some equipment Now how'd it go I have Newt and TOA frog wool of bat and Tongue of dog raccoons bone and tax man Sweat rotten apples and regrets for a Charm of powerful trouble fire burn and Moonshine both Now for the name And while yeah I had to learn a ton You need the smarts to see this land for What it is a wild but beautiful place Mountains ancient Woods Gator infested Swamps no place better than home and yes While some could say that moonshine is a Crime Ain't nothing illegal until you get Caught [Music] That's the motto of my family that's the Motto of moonshine ink So come and get a moonshining with us

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