Moonbreaker: 6 Things You Need to Know

Stop this trickery Unknown Worlds the award-winning Developers of subnautica and subnautica Below zero are back with a brand new Game and it might just surprise you Moonbreaker is a new turn-based tabletop Tactics game with a unique Presentational style here are six things You need to know Welcome to the party Presented by moonbreaker Grenades anyone You might have already noticed that Moon Breaker doesn't look like all the other Turn-based strategy games out there That's right moonbreaker is a digital Tabletop Miniatures game note how maps Are designed to evoke tabletop scenery Including resin waterfalls and terrain That features miniature model elements While the characters are fully voiced And brimming with personality they don't Move around like their tiny real people Or creatures they're distinctly tabletop Miniatures attacks and abilities are Animated with flashy effects and Dramatic results but the characters move As though they're manipulated by an Invisible hand moonbreaker is an uncanny Mix of video game and board game Presentation that results in a distinct Visual identity the one thing it doesn't Simulate about a tabletop game the Length far from the hours a Miniatures

Heavy board game can eat up game Director Charlie Cleveland says the Average moonbreaker match is a Brisk 12 Minutes Moonbreaker is a turn-based combat game With the Breakneck Pace the battles are 1v1 and you can play against the AI or An online opponent the goal defeat the Enemy captain To do that you'll need to use your own Captain and their teammates to fire off Special abilities that can damage defend And forcibly shift enemies around to Give you better positioning you can even Call an assist from your ship these Abilities are powered by Cinder a Semi-magical resource that you receive At the beginning of each round a little More every time slowly upping the stakes And the number of things you can do Cinder is also used to summon more crew Members you can have six on the field Along with your captain but here's the Trick you can actually choose which crew Members get summoned you have to build a Team of 10 not including your captain Beforehand and hope that you've picked Units that work together effectively in Any configuration you might be forced Into think deck building and a Collectible card game except with Miniature figures And what would deck building be without Options more than 50 units are available

At Early Access launch which includes Captains crew and ship assists don't Worry when you purchase a game you'll Have everything you need to access all The gameplay content all units can be Earned just by playing the game there Are three captains to choose from at Launch extelior Astra and zax but Obviously more units will be added over Time Early Access players also get free Access to season tracks think of those Like a battle pass or season pass they Let you earn in-game items like decals And exclusive paint jobs speaking of Paint One of the big appeals of tabletop Miniatures is painting them the Developers of moonbreaker know this and That's why the game has one of the most Extensive painting and customizing Systems ever moonbreaker attempts to Capture every aspect of a real world Miniatures game without the limitations Of meat space Prime paint and highlight to your Heart's content then scrap it all and Start over with no mess or thinner Needed don't have to be a professional Mini painter to have a vibrant One-of-a-kind miniature Squad and moon Breaker All the visual style is backed by lore And an original sci-fi World crafted by Brandon Sanderson the renowned author

Known for his mistborn and Stormlight Archive series as well as the final Books of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time Saga Sanderson and unknown World worked For years to establish an expansive Setting spanning multiple planets and Cultures fans of the author's work will Know he specializes in creating Intricate and internally consistent Magic and Technology systems and he's Done exactly that for moonbreaker cinder Isn't just a new word for Mana in the Game everything has been designed as Part of a functioning hole Sanderson has Also developed the three starting Captains launching with the game so Early Access players will get an Immediate Taste of his character work It's all mine World building isn't all Brandon Sanderson did for moonbreaker he Provided the overarching plot of the Game which will unfold over a number of Seasons the story delves Into the Mystery history and lore of the reaches The tiny solar system that serves as a Game's setting Cinder the resource that Lets you use abilities in combat is also What literally holds the reaches Together and is Central to the tail the Story of moonbreaker will be told in the Form of audio dramas available in game And on digital podcast platforms Ah there we go no need to listen to all

That cater Walling the first season Comprises three of these audio dramas And more are planned for subsequent Seasons dive into the unique Fusion of Storytelling turn-based strategy and Tabletop miniature gaming for yourself Moonbreaker is available now in Early Access on Steam for PC and mac and for More on all things moonbreaker stay Tuned to

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