Millie Bobby Brown Reveals Her Stranger Things Frustrations and Filmmaking Fascination

Millie Bobby Brown sits down with IGN to talk about being a producer on Enola Holmes 2, her frustrations with Stranger Things, and more.

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Foreign It's funny because I actually went from Playing 11 to Enola homes within a Matter of two days I finished on Stranger Things season four on like a Friday and then I was at work on a nola on the Monday it Was difficult it was not easier going From an American accent to an English Accent going from a very introvert to an Extrovert um But you just find it again you know Gradually Um I mean I've always had Um a fascination with filmmaking Um obviously I'm on screen all the time But I did have a fascination with the Directors the writers and producers of The world Um and the crews that I've been on so I Always wanted to be a part of that and Every time I would go on to set I would I would be starring in the projects but Actually watching the conversations Between the the execs and things like That I was always in those conversations Wanting to know more and so Netflix gave Me the opportunity to produce this which Is really exciting In my opinion it is so unbelievably not Valued Um nobody cares really what I have to Say the thing is I didn't contribute Anything to the creative side of

Stranger things so I really can't take Credit for anything except for maybe Like this but that is it Um so I will let the Geniuses be Geniuses and write what they would write Because if it was my show I'd make it a Musical so we don't want that to happen It means a lot because I I personally Identify as an as a feminist I I believe In women's rights I will fight for Women's rights I believe in in young Women as well specifically children I Want to protect as much as I can having Gone through my my Beginning part of my childhood in this Industry you know I I want I received an Amazing education I want others to Receive an amazing education so that They can learn how to protect themselves Um I think the world is Always changing and with that we need to Educate our young Next Generation to Help change the planet Sherlock why are You here is it my case of your own both Seems our cases are connected

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