Marvel’s Midnight Suns: The First 28 Minutes of Gameplay

Check out the first 28 minutes of gameplay from Marvel’s Midnight Suns, the new tactics game from XCOM and Civilization developers Firaxis Games.

Midnight Suns is a hybrid deckbuilding and tactics game starring your favorite heroes from the Marvel Universe, including Ghost Rider, Scarlet Witch, Iron Man, Blade, and even members of the Midnight Suns including Nico and Magik. This PC gameplay shows the tutorial level as well as the setup for the story. In between battles, you return to the Abbey, your home base at which you develop relationships with your teammates to further the story and increase your teamwork in battle.

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Foreign [Music] Sleeping mother Sacred Harbinger awaken and reclaim what Is yours you will rise with the moon in Darkness Prepares the past for the midnight [Music] Turn your merciless Eyes Upon Us and Arise Nice show Doc next time call Sema better Yet I'll just shoot you and save us all The trouble [Music] Thank you [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Foreign Trouble in the air More into some blood joining you soon Head back to your Magic Castle you ain't Welcome here It's called a sanctum and welcome or not This is where Fate has determined the Sorcerer Supreme needs to be [Music] Tell fate answers no this is the secret Guardian you dragged me 5 000 miles to Meet who's the mouth Mr Stark is Brash But I assure you he can be trusted wait You seriously don't know who I am the Fabric of magic is Shifting Johnny

The prophecy of the Midnight Sun is upon Us Your Last Crusade cost me plenty This time I intend to look after my own Hey pal I don't think you understand Things are changing two plus two no Longer equals four up is sometimes down And strange here is actually starting to Make sense do I look like someone who Gives a damn about any of that no you Look like you should be bouncing for the Double deuce Listen all I know is Hell's coming and My pal here says you can help that's Where you're wrong that was not coming It's already here You're welcome Robo Man Iron Man It's okay it's fine I know what he meant [Music] We come all the way out here and the old Man runs off with that precious page of Yours That we selected some VIP passes for the Carnival and we've blown up a few Monsters on the way out Johnny Blaze has sacrificed a great deal For this world already I am certain Ly so time was the one thing we didn't Have All right let's just wrap this up I Think I've got sand in my nanopolymer Weave

This shouldn't take long That's the spirit am I really gonna have To bring out the big guns for this Let's do it That was really something Foreign That suit may be a Marvel of Technology But it's no match for the Mystic Arts Allow me to demonstrate Oh so it's a contest now then you take The extra creepy one glad I know that wasn't your signature move Foreign Impressive [Music] You should really stay down [Music] I must be the popular one today Attention perhaps a blessing is in order Something Protective well I could give you a hand Or a shield in this case Spirit of cooperation I'll accept your Offer Don't mention it Greatly appreciated Foreign Apparently our reputation isn't enough To scare off these so-called children of Lewis Your efforts will never deter me It's almost going too well I think we Pissed them off A spell for that maybe

Interesting spelled change the very Demeanor of our names Can't make it happen in the next 10 Seconds I'm not interested Foreign This one won't bother us again That'll work Hey The Jerk store called they're Running low on you guys And while you Ponder arrows maybe we Should just try throwing a big rock on If I'm being honest that encounter went Better than I expected Tony I've been Noticing a recurring gamma Spike you see This is why you shouldn't eat spicy food Bruce localized in Charging on the sanctum what The collective works of the universe's Greatest Sorcerers and he left them Underneath the takeout menus Shifting mystical polarities are Wreaking havoc on my portals you don't Say you okay kid [Music] Yes Are you let's uh put a pin in that [Music] Carol the first and I have been trying To reach you he'd have come himself but He's you did the big green guy proud [Music] Insurance The wards of protection if you please Stephen I can fight I've got control now

Then show me by activating the wards in The meantime in honor of our missing Companion the rest of you may feel free To smash away Never Surrender What are we waiting for Nice one Carol always the direct Approach you know I don't mess around Besides we picked up some crazy glamor Readings coming from well here because He not explains the hydro goons and Ominous green lights Yes but not why you failed to use the Front door All right how about we discuss proper Hero Landing etiquette after we take Down the bad guys Thank you A moment Nice move [Music] So that's how that works [Music] What's this It's not bad not great but not that Here we go [Music] All is well for the moment [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

Much closer [Applause] The light shines on the most dutiful [Music] I'm saving my energy Interesting tactic That was really something I serve until the end How many more will challenge the Sorcerer Supreme Sure just keep throwing bodies at the Problem And so moving right along Forces of evil and all that these guys Just keep showing up They are surprisingly Relentless in any Event they must provide one to the time She needs to activate the wards of Protection [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] That'll work [Music] That was something Let's do it impressive [Music] They don't know what hit me Thank you Tango Everything's solid so far we're three of The world's strongest Heroes right Doesn't it seem like this should be

Easier I punched through scroll star Cruisers That went down fast Clearly raised their game Terrible suspicion as to how [Music] Prepare yourself Fair enough Foreign [Music] [Music] [Applause] Mother of demons harbinger of the Midnight Sun prophecy or not you Overstep challenging the sorcerer Supreme be silent All right Be still What just happened Wow Be gone A fellow daughter of trancia [Music] You remind me of my own beloved Well done Miss maximoff your unique Energy surprised her whoa I'm fine What I'm fine the prophecy is in motion Lilith is still out there growing Stronger each second the Midnight Sun Approaches Define stronger if we are to Have any chance of stopping her there is Only one option left to us I won't go back there we all must

Eventually face our demons Miss maximoff However One of us should remain behind to Maintain the wards of protection See you on the other side [Music] Okay you did that one on purpose the Fabric of magic is unwinding we are Fortunate to be here at all and where is Here exactly Salem Massachusetts well a Pocket dimension in Salem Massachusetts Oh suburbs nice Welcome to The Abbey Home of the Midnight Sun [Music] What the hell is this Lilith's Junior Demon League wait it's that jerk from TVs which one [Music] Now if everyone would just take a moment Enough Foreign [Music] Ly invisible now Shall we chat Stephen No one can argue that the hunter earned Their rest in the first battle against Lilith I only hope they are up for the task Once more you Wizards always make Everything sound so lofty I raised my sister's only child as a Weapon against her And saved the world in the process now

You want me to dig them up and ask them To do it again I did not write the prophecy Sarah Besides I am no common grave Robert We are simply reuniting their ethereal Essence with their Corporal form Speaking of it would help to have a Mental image for the procedure spare no Detail spiritual identity theft is no Laughing matter Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] So that's a good thing right [Music] Sarah Where Is she As far as Resurrection spells are Concerned I've seen worse Particularly on myself Tony come on it's perfectly safe that Thing wakes up and takes a bite out of You don't blame me visiting hours are Over You can't stay here forever there's Nowhere else I should be just saw that Stark guy looking around behind Irritated find me as soon as they awaken Played be nice

Always there It's so cold But the air burns with every breath has It been so long I know this place In my dreams it was always empty Sons I am not alone I have to admit Hunter you make one hell Of an entrance Guess that makes two of us You should have struck when you had the Chance vampire You will not live to regret your error q And caretaker told me to be nice Relax Slayer I'm a friend you just don't Know it yet yes I saw you with Sarah Before But what would she want with a Vampire Unless the name's blade and I'm No Ordinary vampire I get you've been out of commission but I thought you noticed since we're having This little Showdown under the freaking Sun a damp here And day Walkers were amiss even to me Says to half human half demon Monster Hunter You appear quite versed in my history Damp here heard my fair share of stories From caretaker The legendary Hunter child of Lilith Last champion of the blood Some call you Angel some Demon

Probably a little of both Led the Knights of Wonder Gore against The armies of Darkness until you fell at Fell Shoot this is why they don't normally Have me do the meet and greets I can see Why Right as much as I'd love to see how Much weirder this conversation can go we Should probably get moving agreed the Prophecy is in motion I can feel it We have wasted too much time here Already Man the others are really going to love You Others Yeah you've got a little fan club I Think but why spoil the surprise Hope you're up for the challenge Chosen One

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