Marvel’s Midnight Suns – Official “Welcome to the Abbey” Trailer

Welcome to the Abbey, your home to live among the legends. But like most things, there’s more to this place than meets the eye…

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Foreign [Applause] [Music] But the air burns with every breath Has it been so long I know this place Well we can fast forward through the Tour then The Abbey is still well you know yabby Dorms war room Library a few places to chill and uh Whatever the hell the forge is I have to say for a haunted transient Castle raised on the cursed grounds of Old Salem it's pretty cozy Like most things on the grounds here There's more to this place than meets The eye This area is particularly attuned to the Forces of magic That's why the Elder God's influence was So prevalent here and why our Sanctuary Here has remained all but impregnable Over the centuries Not what you were expecting is it Now Hunter Tell us what you see [Music] Grounds Terrified It is too late we were not ready for This fight I will bring the team together [Music]

We know our goal now we need to do the Work So that's a good thing right [Music] Charlie [Music] Before we begin is there anything else I Should know yeah anything goes just Don't touch the shades [Music]

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