Marvel’s Midnight Suns: Every Playable Character

From familiar faces to lesser known names, tactical RPG Marvel’s Midnight Suns lets you compose the ultimate superhero squad, with you at the centre. Discover more about your character, The Hunter, as well as their assembled allies as they take on a deadly supernatural enemy. Sponsored by 2K.

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Pets are definitely about to roll if you Could have any superpowers what would They be viratus's tactical RPG Marvel's Midnight Sons lets you indulge that Fantasy by creating and playing as a new Character the hunter within a squad of Comic book Legends the game draws on a Darker more mystical Marvel comic book Storyline with Heroes taking on the Demonic entity Lilith who's been raised From the dead by Hydra before you squat Up and embark on your first mission it's Worth getting to know your allies after All the fate of the world is at stake May every playable character in Marvel's Midnight Sons The hunter has been resurrected by the Midnight Sons because of their unique Ability to take on Lilith who happens to Be their mother after selecting their Physical appearance you carve out the Specifics of their combat Style by Building a deck-based attack skill and Heroic ability system this spans three Branches power attacking and defensive Moves light healing and buffing moves And dark hugely powerful moves that come At a cost and crucially the availability Of these cards is influenced by the Hunter's interaction with other heroes In the Abbey build strong enough Friendships with these teammates and You'll unlock Epic combo takedowns Half human half vampire blade overseas

Combat training in the Abbey's yard and On the battlefield dulls out single Target slashes with his beloved Katana His abilities reflect his vampiric Origins inflicting bleed that causes Damage over multiple turns he can also Stack and chain this effect across Several foes sapping and reclaiming Enemy HP his attack Focus means that Blade doesn't possess knockback or Healing abilities so select allies who Accompany him on missions wisely Increase Blade's friendship with the Hunter for more chances to apply Bleeding damage Former Air Force Chief Carol Danvers Became Captain Marvel after alien Technology ignited her Cosmic Powers Controller of the Abbey's war room she Favors Braun over stealth making her the Ideal Tank Hero she could unleash vast Amounts of energy culminating in a Charged binary state that doubles damage And grants defensive block points going Binary requires high levels of heroism And is thwarted when Captain Marvel Takes damage as many of her cards Feature taunts which draw enemy fire her Way protecting her and her block levels During missions is vital friendship with Captain Marvel grants you the chance to Counter-attack for every KO she makes Self-important surgeon Dr Stephen Strange obtained ancient mystical Powers

After healing from a car crash he spent The years since studying incantations to Become Earth's sorcerer Supreme strange Investigates magical items within the Abbey's Forge and possesses many support Abilities to buff and Revitalize Teammates he could also influence the Draw at the start of turns bringing Attack cards back into play many of his Cards require minimal expenditure but Auto upgraders you build heroism Enhancing his combat value build a Rapport with him and he'll be more Likely to generate heroism at the start Of turns One radioactive spider bite transformed Peter Parker from college student and Photojournalist to web slinging crime Fighter he joins the midnight Sons when His fight against Venom draws their Attention quick-witted and quick-footed Spider-Man capitalizes on environmental Damage opportunities his cards cost less Heroism compared to other Squad members With a number of Quick and free plays in His deck and he's Adept at handling Multiple enemy minions however as his Damage output is less focused opponents Require heavy blows aren't his Forte Utilize combat items that Grant extra Moves and befriend him to enjoy heroism Refunded across environmental attacks Tech obsessed billionaire and acronym Fan Tony Stark functions as the Hunter's

Forge based quartermaster as well as Their teammate he brings both sarcasm And his huge ego to the midnight Sons Alongside gadgetry that his bottomless Brain power and budget can afford in Combat Iron Man's an all-rounder but his High damage repulsive beams take Center Stage allowing him to soar above enemies And Blossom with Precision his suit can Also Mark enemies and he triggers card Auto upgrades when you apply redraws so Be sure to make full use of your turn When he's in your squad become best Buddies with him and he can even begin To generate his own redraws Private and guarded Ileana Rasputin AKA Magic was whisked from Siberia by Mephisto and plunged into the Demonic Realm limbo there she learned to use her Soul to open portals across time and Space used tactically portals can Transform the battlefield combine them With Magic's knockback abilities to send Unsuspecting grunts flying into each Other or shift enemy positions to Provide more breathing room for damage Dealing teammates in exchange for her Support strength playing Magic's cards Requires large amounts of heroism However if you can get on her good side There's a chance that an Interdimensional shove will create a Fresh limbo portal card in your hand La mechanic Robbie Reyes never

Anticipated a street race would see him Murdered resurrected and subsequently Possessed by the Flaming spirit of Vengeance now Ghost Rider Robbie owns The spirit's muscle car and Deals brutal Damage in combat but such strength comes At a cost to your heroism Ghost Riders HP or the cards in your hand to mitigate This he has a Souls meter charged by Executing chaos when full it adds Drained soul to your hand enabling you To chain targets and self-heal Ghost Rider's high stakes fighting style pairs Best with healing heroism generating Heroes friendship increases his HP ripe For convergent into Carnage As a child Nico AKA sister Grimm Discovered her parents were super Villains with a penchant for Human Sacrifice she ran away but her mother Attacked her with the staff of one and Nico's body absorbed the weapon when it Re-emerged Nika realized it was blood Bound to her and could Infuse phrases With dark magic unpredictable in combat Nico often leaves you unable to specify Targets some of her cards also have the Roulette modifier meaning their damage Heroism generated or HP awarded is Hidden and randomly determined when they Enter your hand her abilities favor Support and frequently generate heroism So she pairs well with damage dealing Allies buddy up for the chance to draw

Additional abilities after each play Logan's graftamina was forged when he Was kidnapped and experimented on Determined to prove he's more than just A lab rat in beast mode Wolverine joins The midnight Sons After tussling with Arc enemy Sabertooth he has self-healing Abilities and retains animalistic traits Provoking enemies with taunts and Lashing out with moves like the block Breaking piercing slash although it's Hugely satisfying to unleash his Lifestyle berserk card before chaining Swipes taunts can see Wolverine facing Intermountable fire if not managed Carefully allow his regeneration time to Kick in and bolster him with fighters Who can hold their own Super soldier Steve Rogers cap to his Buddies brings a level head and a Leader's mentality to the midnight sons In combat he is a true tank absorbing Hits with his iconic shield and shifting Enemy focus with taunts he can pass a Blocking ability onto other Squad Members or build up defense before Converting it into forceful attacks Targeting multiple enemies with cards Like Shield bounce to maximize Cap's Protective abilities and the generous Amounts of heroism he dishes out make Sure he's fighting alongside a damage Specialist increases friendship with the Hunter to generate block at the start of

A mission and eventually before each Turn Wanda maximoff AKA Scarlet witch Once Managed her reality manipulating Abilities under the tutelage of Agatha Harkness after an incident that killed Her Mentor she is now under the Supervision of Doctor Strange's Penance Scarlet Witch's occult abilities are Cast at a distance meaning she can evade Contact scuffles as well as tossing and Marking enemies she deals damage with Radial effects targeting those close by Underlining the chaos in her magic Playing hex charge will make enemies Explode whereas chaos Reigns causes them To attack each other wonders combat Downfall is precision so team her with Heroes who have focused weaponry With the Avengers assembled and the Hunter risen it's time to set your Sights on Lilith's enslaved Army get Ready for the fight of a lifetime in Marvel's midnight Sons out now on PC Xbox series X and PS5 and for all things Marvel stick with IGN

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