Marvel’s Midnight Suns: 6 Things to Know

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a tactical RPG from Firaxis Games, the developers of XCOM. Play as The Hunter, as you lead the Midnight Suns on a mission to defeat Lilith, Mother of Demons. Here are 6 things to know about Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Sponsored by 2K.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is out now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

Marvel's midnight Sons is a tactical RPG From faraxis games the developers of X-com you play as the hunter who must Lead a group of superheroes known as the Midnight Sons on a mission to defeat Lilith mother of demons if you fancy Experiencing a dark mystical Marvel Story alongside tactical card based Combat here are six things to know about Marvel's midnight Sons Marvel's midnight sons share some Similarities with its Alien Invasion Predecessor x-com players assemble a Squad before heading into battle enemy Reinforcements are deployed in waves and The goal is to complete missions in as Few turns as possible but it's the Differences that make it stand out Midnight Suns moves away from grid-based Movement and combat instead the Turn-based battle system uses abilities Represented through cards players can Also move around the battlefield and Make use of the environment taking Enemies out with a falling Lamppost Faulting over an obstacle or detonating Explosions Changes to the Tactical RPG formula Encourage players to think and fight More like a superhero All abilities in Midnight suns are Represented by cards and each Hero has a Unique Card Set which combines into a Larger deck When selecting which Heroes

To take into battle there are three card Types attack skill and heroic Attack Cards which primarily deal damage Skill cards support the squad by buffing Heroes or depowering enemies And heroic cards are potent abilities That either deal massive damage or cast Strong effects but require heroism to Use Heroism is earned by playing attack and Skill cards and is also required if you Want to interact with the environment And lob a box at Hydra scones at the Beginning of a turn cards from your Pooled Fighters deck will be drawn to Fill your hand players have three card Plays per turn so be selective about Which cards you use which cards you keep Back for future turns and which ones to Replace with a redraw certain cards with Abilities like quick will refund a card Play if the ability results in an enemy KO and some cards are free to play each Character has eight cards in their deck As you gain more swap them out in the Heroes menu to test out new abilities And combinations having multiples of the Same card will enable you to upgrade Giving them new functions like knockback Which launches an enemy through the air When they're hit or improving their Damage and Effectiveness like increased Width of Captain Marvel's Photon beam In addition to the customizable Hunter

There are 11 Heroes to pick from when Assembling your three-person squad to Take on missions as well as classic Marvel Staples Iron Man and Wolverine There are also lesser known mutants like Magic and Nico minoru each character has A specialty that informs their playstyle For example blade is a damage type who Can steal Health from foes while magic Is a control type who can use portals to Alter the battlefield creating a Balanced Squad is key to laying waste to The battlefield your choice of Heroes May be limited if they're injured in Battle or away on hero Ops side missions So get used to making the most of every Character's specialty the hunter has no Defined specialty instead they have Access to three types of ability cards Light abilities that support power Abilities that deal damage and dark Abilities which are powerful but come at A cost as you play you'll be given Choices to pursue a light or dark path Unlocking more ability cards to tailor Your playstyle Before and after battles you'll return To the Abbey a refuge in Salem Massachusetts safe from Lilith's Influence here you'll interact and Improve relationships with Heroes use The forge to gain new abilities and Upgrade the Abbey train at The Yards to Strengthen bonds with characters and get

Combat bonuses use the central Workstation to start hero-ups and the Mirror table to start missions and Progress the story visit the common room After a battle to mingle with Heroes Help them with a task or request Complete a hangout complement them or Give them a gift doing so will improve Your friendships with them as you grow Your friendship levels you'll unlock new Abilities and passive bonuses to be used In combat the grounds of the Abbey also Hold secrets for the hunter to discover Use downtime between missions to explore Caves collect materials for crafting Find new hangout locations unlock Loot-filled Arcane chests and learn more About the Hunter's history Midnight Sons may have you playing as Some of the Earth's Mightiest Heroes but That doesn't mean battles will be a Cakewalk there are eight difficulty Options in total to choose from ranging From story on normal then three heroic And three ultimate difficulties that Strip away in-game assists starting with Normal progression and efficiency on the Battlefield allows you to gain access to Higher difficulty levels each increase Makes the game more challenging by Limiting the number of revive cards and Pitting you against tougher enemies to Compensate the rewards are greater Including boosts to experience and a

Greater amount of gloss and in-game Currency used to purchase new outfits For Heroes and improve your room awarded Upon Mission successes We've done it excellent work Sure Here are combos let you live out your Fantasy of superheroes teaming up to Take down the bad guys once you've built A strong enough friendship with a hero You'll unlock the opportunity to work Together and attack a target with a Powerful combined ability activating Hero combos requires heroism so be sure To earn enough by playing skill and Attack abilities before unleashing an Epic superhero finisher Feed on what to expect from Marvel's Midnight Suns and yes you can pet the Dirk who is a good girl it is my Charlie Girl Marvel's midnight Sons is now out on PlayStation 5 Xbox series xns and PC for More on everything Marvel stick with IGN We're here

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