Level Zero – Official Trailer

[Applause] David can you turn on the light wait let Me try the receiver Let there be light I'll take that go Look for Be careful I Finished one more left [Music] Oh man I think I found something at the Passcode to sector B 60 73. nice job Nick David what's going on there David Damn Nick and Sarah are dead [ __ ] [ __ ] we Have to restore the power now grab the Card to sector C Got it okay I'll see you at the gate [Music] [Music] I am gonna need this [Music] Oh [ __ ] [ __ ] [Music] It hurts some bad Roger that David I found the repair kit but if you Need to hurry up I'm almost there [Music] Sean be careful they're coming from your Direction [Music]

No hold on just a little longer I'm Living in the gates Oh [ __ ]

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