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Happy Monday everyone, it’s esports news day! In today’s Compete Fix we’re covering League of Legends’ Worlds 2022 weekend where we saw the underdogs DRX win over T1 and take them to a five game series. The ongoing storyline of T1’s Faker trying to secure his Worlds win again after his last in 2016 while DRX’s Deft had a ten year journey to reach Worlds set up the stage for a tough battle between the two teams.

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Happy Monday everyone it's Esports Newsday I'm Stella Chung and in today's Compete fix we're covering League of Legends world's 2022 weekend where we Saw the underdogs DRX win over T1 and Take them to a five game series And a thrilling conclusion League of Legends worlds showcased a beautiful Opening ceremony at the chase Center Cementing exactly why League World is Called the Super Bowl of Esports the Artist's lineup of Lil Nas X at a haze Louise sleep read and Jackson Wang was a Brilliant show of talent and production As the hype continued to build around World's 2022 finals the ongoing Storyline of t1's Faker trying to secure His world to win again after his last in 2016 while DRX is Deft had a 10-year Journey to reach worlds set up the stage For a tough battle between the two teams T1 took game one pretty easily with very Little resistance as they were able to Secure a 10k gold lead above TRX and Take out all three Inhibitors and finish Finish the game fairly quickly in game Number two DRX came Crawling Back even Though T1 had some incredible team Fights with curia leading a 2v3 team Fight and coming out on top DRX was able To drag out the game and win the second Match game three saw a similar match Speed as DRX seemed to have finally Woken up and gave T1 a run for their

Money T1 was able to steal Baron from DRX twice which led to their victory for Game three Just stole Ferris are you kidding game Four sawdierx finally securing a baron Kill for themselves with T1 failing to Steal it and proceeded to send the grand Finals into an exhilarating game five Honestly game five was anyone's game With even performances from both teams DRX wiped four members of T1 but T1 came Back to steal their Baron again however TRX secured the next Baron and while Faker did try to take down their Nexus Solo during that Baron fight he was Punished for it and DRX was able to Utilize the baron buff to push into t1's Base and win game 5 securing worlds for Them Been discounted they have been dismissed But d r x for your 2022 World Champions Worlds 2022 was an incredible story Rewarding to Underdogs for giving the Behemoths T1 a nail-biting run in the Finals as DRX won 3-2 over the more Experienced team the chase Center was Fully sold out in attendance and the Viewership broke Peak records as twitch Had 2.8 million viewers and YouTube had 1.7 million on Riot games official Channels Riot broke their previous Record of 4 million viewers last year With a new record of 5.1 million

According to Esports charts Congratulations to DRX for an incredible 2022 League run and we look to both DRX And T1 for more incredible things in the 2023 season That's all the world's news you needed To catch up on while you're here check Out ign.com rewards which is now live And it's free for everyone signing up Gets you more than 20 perks and Discounts that Gamers will actually care About like discounts on Humble Bundle Games the IGN store and dream gear Accessories there will be new stuff Every week also if you become an IGN Plus subscriber you get free games and In-game content including a free map Genie Plus subscription map Genie makes Cool interactive Game maps like this one For God of War for more League of Legends views and Esports news stay Right here at IGN

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