Is Gotham Knights basically a TMNT game? #gothamknights #TMNT #shorts

Stop me if you've heard this one four Mass Vigilantes take to the streets to Wage war on crime using martial arts Skills and gadgets you've got the leader Who's in blue you've got the tech expert Who's in purple there's the Surly Short-temper heavy hitter who's wearing Red and of course the youngest member of The team offers some comic relief they Operate out of a cool Hideout that's in The middle of a major city they play Video games in their downtime and they Also get bits of sagely wisdom from an Elderly Mentor who hangs out there and Drinks a lot of tea they fight a variety Of animal themed villains but their Biggest threat is a gang of Ruthless Assassins who operate from the Shadows They have a high ranking member whose Namesake sounds like something that you Could cut yourself with am I describing Gotham Knights or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Why didn't we get a TMNT game instead

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