Intel’s Taped & Glued Arc A770 GPU: Tear-Down & Disassembly of Limited Edition Card

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In this video, we’re tearing apart the brand new Intel Arc A770 16GB Limited Edition video card (it’s not actually limited). All testing was conducted prior to the tear-down and the card, of course, still works. The A770 card is dressed-up with LEDs — and they are nice — but it uses a mixture of double-sided tape, glue, normal tape, and screws to hold it all together. This tear-down shows you how Intel built its new in-house board for the A770 GPU, but for the performance review & benchmarks, check out our other video on the channel.

Watch our review of the Intel A770 GPU for performance!

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00:00 – Tearing Into Intel’s A770 Card
03:45 – The First Step
05:04 – Just Yank Hard
09:05 – Did Ya Hear the Quality?
10:30 – BANG
11:52 – A LOT OF TAPE
14:27 – The Problem with the Backside Plate
16:24 – The PCB is Free
17:58 – Exterior Die Size A770 & More Glue
20:30 – Taking Apart the Shroud
23:45 – Insane Levels of Customization
25:30 – Conclusion

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Host: Steve Burke
Video & Editing: Andrew Coleman

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