IGN Plays Skyrim ft. Mark Medina

In this IGN Plays, Mark Medina is channeling his inner dragonborn and travelling to Skyrim, one of his playlist picks for the Best RPGs available right now on the Extra and Premium PlayStation Plus Memberships!

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This is why I like being a battle mage Because you can get in there you can get Your shots in and then you just you know Oh it looks so cool it's so funny who Else wants some Whoops Excuse me Hey everyone I'm Mark Medina and today I'm embracing my inner Dragonborn and Returning to the Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Which is available right now for extra And premium PlayStation Plus members [Music] Presented by PlayStation Plus [Music] All right so now we are we're I mean We're gonna die Someone's gonna get their head chopped Off I'm presumably gonna get my head chopped Off but something tells me that I'm Gonna Get Away uh let's see here Something that people could would more Than likely want to spend hours on I Want to be ignored I know I don't want To be done I want to be there we go that's Basically all I need to do we're gonna Get into the game my ancestors are Smiling at me Imperials and you say the Same Poor man he didn't make it [Music] All right so

We finally get to play My hands are bound free me from this Hand prison Thank you all right So the first thing we're going to do is We're going to steal all this guy's Stuff hey guys we're cool yeah okay all Right fine Yes Skyrim combat pretty it's pretty solid Okay so my favorite thing for this intro Area is I take this guy's stuff then we Are going to Yes all right cool all right Let's Escape It's at this point you kind of get like More free reign to kind of do whatever You want Skyrim is is one of those games That like It's kind of like more common now but it Was one of the first games I remember Playing where you the way to you know The way to like level things up is by Using them right so it's like you can See I'm like leveling up my one-handed Sword and stuff and it's like most Surfing cheese I felt like I had played Back in those days it was like you Leveled up your one-handed sword by Getting points and putting those points Into one-handed sword and it's like but Skyrim it was like you leveled up your Healing by healing you leveled up your Magic by using magic I remember thinking

Like how cool that was but it's really At this point that you can kind of go Anywhere you know the game's always Going to give you a little bit of a of a Linear like you should go this way but It's at this point where you're kind of Like oh I can do or go anywhere I want So every everything at the beginning of A game is kind of here to uh teach you How to play the game whether you realize It or not you know games sometimes are Like very tutorialized and what's Actually happening here is this is a Tutorial you know he's you're asking to Use the Ford you're you're it's kind of Showing you how to you know like Hey what is this town so he's going to Kind of explain what that is and I love When you're playing a tutorial and you Don't realize that you're playing a Tutorial and that's that's kind of how The beginning of Bethesda games are is They're very they're very good at just Being like you're in this open world Time to go you know do what you want to Do when in reality every single little Thing you're doing is more or less Teaching you how to play the game Something I I Appreciate most about this game a lot of People do is uh the music the music is Very good and everyone knows you know The the music track you know streets of White run it's a very iconic track in

This game so I get to upgrade I get to Level up this is your this is your skill Trees everyone remembers is you get to Choose this is you know you get to Choose do you want to level up your Health your magic your stamina Um early on I'm always a fan of stamina Because how much fighting you have to do How much running you have to do getting A little bit more stamina always kind of Helps Um so I'll put like my first 10 points In the stamina Um but then you know you have all of Your Celestial things you get to level up and I'm always a big fan of speech Because it just helps so much another uh Would probably be healing because like The combat is not insanely like Difficult at the beginning I guess it Depends on what um difficulty you're Playing on Um but you know anything that can help Keep keep yourself like healed off is Always a good thing I have great news while the Imperials Were trying to cut off my head I'm sitting there that's like King Swagger sitting that's all walking That's well he's a yarl but that's you Know that's how they sit on their Thrones they're just like Sup

I'll be back with the Dragonstone and The head of a dragon Probably not This is why I like being a battle mage Because you can get in there you can get Your shots in and then you just you know Oh it looks so cool it's so funny all Right this this spider's uh he's giving Me the business so we're gonna Switch to some healing over here Mad Sorry dude Oh out of statement okay don't can you Come in here maybe put some destruction On my right hand there we go Let's uh we should have some potions Something else I I kind of love about This is you know it's And Go full destruction and just be like Ah Oh they use like all oh my gosh It's just just Scenes that are moments before they're a Disaster strikes Some healing in before I get wrecked by This guy It's just like oh my gosh I'm so dead No I'm not I'll just use all my potions because This is a let's play it's not a real Estate file Oh you're dead dude just get out of here Hopefully I don't cut you buddy You're free

Don't walk on the oh my gosh are you Okay oh This guy's like I've woken from my Hundred Year slumber Who else wants some Excuse me I gotta shield now It looks all cool I got an arrow Sticking out of my side like yeah you Didn't give me at all Okay You're nothing Oh my God You had the Golden Claw the whole time I trusted you You were gonna lead me to the Golden Claw You had it like I said first rule of Skyrim Trust no one Well that's not great Oh well I have a feeling that's going to come With some strings attached yep there he Is I assume see he's kind of cool because He he has dragon shouts and so you kind Of get a little bit of a of a preview of What your Of what you're in for later in the game Not that much later luckily I'm gonna Fight him with a shield Sucker Oh

Sucker And that's it he's dust What has he got for me Dragonstone probably need that A big old ax probably too heavy But Whatever All right We back to Whiterun that's it that's the First like big quest of Skyrim completed And there you have it you can play Skyrim right now on the extra and Premium PlayStation Plus memberships Click the link in the description and Check out my playlist of the best open World RPGs on PlayStation Plus and don't Forget to make one of your own and share It with your friends thanks for watching And for everything else PlayStation Stick with IGN

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