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Your your gun can jam by the way Oh my God you know what I'm just gonna Kick you Okay okay great Hi everyone I'm Stella Chung and today I'm taking a trip to Black reef and Taking on The Visionaries and death Loop A first person shooter developed by Arcane Studios which is available right Now on the Playstation Plus game catalog [Music] Presented by PlayStation Plus Okay so we are starting at the beginning Of the game which is fine because There's no spoilers and you can play This for yourself Dive Right In oh for The last time remember no if you just Give me a second oh you're not even Trying So this is why this is on my undying Playlist because as you can see death is Not the end I mean you kind of just come Back uh well kind of spoilers you kind Of just come back to this spot once you Die it's one of those games that you Don't expect this sort of reliving the Same day Mechanic to be cool but it is So what's interesting is you get these Weird little I I'm pretty sure it's That's there um I'm pretty sure that These little titles that we see Throughout the world it it's I think it's like the past Meez

In other tries who are you that's trying To communicate to me but that's just the Theory I don't know this world is really Interesting I didn't expect to like Death loop as much as I did when I first Started playing it it is made by Arcane And it was actually this is not a Spoiler it was actually confirmed that It is in the same world As uh the previous game Dishonored which Is really cool So as the game goes on and the more that You die and live again you start to Discover more parts of your memories and We had the heck of a jig which Helps us hack things [Applause] I know I could have done the execution But I really just wanted to kick him off The cliff it's fine it's fine I got the Job done right okay it's locked hey Can you Tell me What Oh God that's right okay It's me you gotta be shooting me Are you listen me you wrote it on BlackBerry you already know the code Uh what hold me up man Man you postcard dumbass you wrote it on The black brief postcard you understand Okay I'm gonna drive you man no wait the [ __ ] well Not two of us died but yeah I feel like

Death Loop does such a good job of Grabbing her attention immediately with These two characters these are like why Is she so mad at him and why is he here Why is he being hunted by her you know Whoa what the [ __ ] oh yeah I forgot to Mention you get some cool powers in Duffel too Okay But yeah as you go through the game you Do collect different power-ups I guess Different powers and stuff which is Really cool All right so now we have all these Different things to do All right so the game did say that you Can play however you want I very much Like to go in guns blazing I don't do Well with stealth so for me I like to go In hot Dude like I just did Yeah Oh hi hi hold on I'm reloading hold on Wait your turn Oops oh hey I don't hate fun oh bye-bye Okay okay uh-oh and your gum your your Gun can jam by the way Stop it hold on Excuse me oh my God you know what I'm Just gonna kick you Okay okay great Dang it okay Out of the middle of the open and trying To take the turret didn't help but I

Think that turn S so there's so many different ways to Play honestly I would just say like Don't be afraid to die and start over Because then you can test out how you Want to play and approach new areas Because it's it's it's pretty fun See like so I can actually carry this Guy And he could go with me to the next Location and I could deploy him for Myself So uh honestly I would probably Recommend just exploring pay attention To your surroundings because there's a Lot of oh lore Huh Okay that works Uh don't be afraid to use grenades Either because you'll get a ton of it You start to understand how the island Came to be there was some natural Occurrence of this time shift where you Can relive the same day you can Manipulate time here so you start to get Little tidbits of information and not Quite enough to put together the full Story until you finish the game which is Actually really cool Hey look I don't have to do anything Oh That's turret Did a great job so when the day does Start over after this this is nighttime

After nighttime it does completely reset If you don't have that ability to save Your loadouts you will lose everything And you'll have to collect new stuff in Your next run that's kind of the loop From the beginning then the next half is Just perfecting your Loop so you can do Everything in one day and there are lots Of little bits and uh Corners that you Can go and explore And there might be like a hidden chest Or something that you have to find the Key for and you find the key on a Different part of the island and then You have to come back but that chest is Only there during the morning so you Have to Circle back to morning and then Use it so it's really cool you have to Piece everything together it definitely Doesn't hold your hand but that's kind Of what I like about the game also this Is getting heavily guarded so I uh Huh oh hey you're still alive You're fine you're fine you're fine Get away go away bye okay So this is uh the point where Juliana Can hunt you and it might be a player or AI Okay got her yes Okay Take this yeah so this Lets you shift around which is really Nice So you can go like over here

Here Okay I mean do a better job of it than I did So uh and then your your ability to use That kind of recharges over time her gun Is actually really strong too Okay so now we're just gonna leave okay So we do lose our gear because we Haven't found the ability to keep our Stuff yet But that is one full loop that is a D-loop But now we do have the ability to get These slabs now and use them which slabs Are the different powers that you get my Favorite one I forget what it's called But you can actually link people Together so if you kill one enemy the Damage that you do to them transfer to Everyone else so if you kill one they All die which is really fun you do have Things that you want to do and you know You have to do starting out the day so You kind of have objectives as opposed To when you first go to the loop [ __ ] my weapons are gone yep gotta start All over Colts So it's really cool because you get Different variations of guns as well and You have no idea what kind of gun it's Gonna be until you pick it up it's very Cool Visionaries are the loop it persists so Long as they survive any threat to The

Visionaries is a threat to the loop If every Visionary perishes in a single Loop the loop will destabilize and Collapse So then you get a whole list of all the Visionaries that you need to kill in one Go in one entire day okay so this is the Big turning point now that you have your List of targets and also you have every Little bit of information you need to Really start figuring out the best point Of action to schedule things out for the Days and the nights it's it's really fun It's really cool the Laura is incredible Colt and Juliana they have the best Voice acting and lines together which is Super fun and honestly I feel like You'll be very satisfied with the story Once you do finish the game because it Ties everything together but of course It leaves a little bit of room for a Sequel which I really hope we get And there you have it you can play Death Loop as a part of the game catalog on The extra and premium PlayStation Plus Memberships click the link in the Description to check out my playlist of The best undying games on PlayStation Plus and don't forget to make one of Your own to share with friends and for More on death Loop be sure to stay tuned To IGN [Music]

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