IGN LEGO Holiday Gift Guide

Brick seekers and builders can be tough to put together when it comes to gift planning for the holidays, but we have some great ideas for LEGO gifts sure to please.


[Music] There's something especially magical About Lego which makes some excellent Gifts to give during this the season of Gift giving but what Lego gifts to give There are so many sets out there now for So many interests trying to narrow it Down is almost as painful as stepping on A Lego brick but we're here to soothe Your anxiety with some pain-free Lego Suggestions to build your relationships Through the gift of Lego [Music] The brick and mortar location of Doctor Strange comes to life in the awesome Lego brick set one of the best Lego Marvel kits going unlike a lot of Marvel's Lego sets this complicated and Intricate set is aimed squarely at Adults sure a kid could build it I Suppose there's no law against it with Nine Minifigures and a modular design There's a lot to love here This is a Lego set that's truly more Than meets the eye see that's the Transformers tagline maybe one of the Coolest crossover sets Lego has ever Made this incredibly well detailed model Of the leader of the Autobots looks Amazing all on its own in robot form but It's better than that it actually Transforms into a truck perfect for any Dad who's living that 1980s life The ultimate collector series of Lego

Kits are pretty well known and will cost You a pretty penny if you plan on giving This atat as a gift I recommend shopping Around for the best price but it's still Going to put you back almost 800 bucks But man talk about a sweet kid hyper Detailed with nine Empire themed Minifigs and a pair of speeder bikes This is absolutely one of the coolest Lego kits around This Lego Technic Ferrari satisfies Gearheads and Lego fans alike the Technic line is an impressive modeling Of some truly amazing real world Vehicles into a highly detailed Lego Form and to the Ferrari 488 GTE here is Instantly recognizable by any Supercar Fan even in Lego form Lego and Super Mario is a combination That feels like we waited way too long To see realized but they were definitely Worth the wait this iconic 3D question Block is more than just a cube of Lego Bricks it opens up to reveal micro Versions of some of the iconic Super Mario 64 locations on top of that Literally are 10 Minifigures including Mario Yoshi King paw bomb and that Little penguin everyone loves to hurl to Its Doom That's just a small selection of what we Have in our official Lego holiday gift Guide check out all our students for Lego gifts at itn.com

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