IGN confronted about past Sonic comments #sonic #sonicthehedgehog #gaming #playstation #shorts

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Six years ago while talking about Sonic On game scoop Brian you had this to say Where we need to admit that this was Never really a great franchise we keep Trying and trying and trying to find This thing that was never really Actually there wow wow it was never Really a good franchise huh Brian well I'm sorry we're well over believe it or Not 100 Sonic games two movies a Long-running comic book series and six Shows when you besmirched Sonic you be Smirched everyone associated with Sonic Okay Brian I'm just gonna say that right Now Brian I want to present you with This I will hold that L I was wrong what I meant to say was like to me Sonic has Never been like truly great I have since Come around on that character I have Watched the movies with my kid and Enjoyed them immensely Sonic Frontiers Is fun I liked Sonic Colors I liked Sonic Generations I like Sonic Mania Something we can all agree on is that Sonic has been good it's Crash Bandicoot That's never been oh okay here we go

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