HW News – Melting GPU Power Cables 12VHPWR, Intel Arc Isn’t Dead, & RTX 40 Coolers

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Hardware news this week talks the Intel Arc GPUs not being dead, melting 12VHPWR cables as reported by PCI-SIG directly, Intel Raptor Lake being an answer to AMD Ryzen 7000 CPUs, and more.

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To clarify something that we weren’t 100% clear on communicating: Intel has its own fab capabilities to eventually produce its own GPU silicon. We were not saying they are doing that now, just that they can one day and this is a huge advantage. Right now, they use TSMC. We should have been more clear because that caused confusion in the comments.

Show notes & sources:
EVGA stops making video cards:

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00:00 – Recapping the Week
00:57 – GN Launches ’Amp’ Medium Modmat
03:42 – Intel Arc Isn’t Dead
05:22 – Melting 12VHPWR Cables
09:26 – Leak: More RTX 4090 Pictures, Insane Coolers
11:47 – Intel Raptor Lake’s Existential Answer
12:54 – Intel Arc A380 MSI Low Profile Card
13:56 – GPU-Z Clamps Down on Nvidia Leaks
14:34 – Steam Deck Repair Centers
15:39 – Dual-Chamber Case Gets Tilted | Mars MCB
18:15 – SSDs More Reliable Than HDDs
20:50 – AAA Game Prices Rising
25:02 – AMD Socks

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Host & Writing: Steve Burke
Writing: Jeremy Clayton
Video: Mike Gaglione, Andrew Coleman

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