How To FIX Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Performance Issues and Bugs!

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Despite Pokemon Scarlet and Violet being a great game, it’s riddled with bugs. Luckily though there are ways to temporarily fix these issues without the need for a patch, so try these fixes out!!!

All right so Pokemon scarlet and violet Are out now and then we should all be Super excited super happy to play this Game but unfortunately As many of us are probably painfully Aware of by this point things have not Necessarily gone as planned it's pretty Evident by this point this game it has Some problems if you're on social media Or really if you've played it yourself There's a pretty good chance that you've Seen some of the crazy bugs that are in This game and no I'm not talking about Caterpie weed or Scyther but rather the Game just doesn't work as intended There's a crazy amount of pop in in this Game and then the frame rate is just all Over the place if anything it's Certainly not in a state that you would Expect from a franchise this big and all This is just so unfortunate because the Game itself is genuinely really good Like really really good the gameplay It's World design how it's all laid out And all that are some of the best the Series has ever seen I I think in many Ways this is the evolution that a lot of Fans have been waiting for but Unfortunately it's also marred with a Ton of technical issues and and that's More than just a little disappointing if You've been following the channel for a While you probably know that I am a big I mean I'm a huge huge Pokemon fan it's

Debatably my favorite franchise ever Alongside Gears of War and Uncharted so I've been very very excited for scarlet And violet and that's why I'm also Equally as disappointed with its launch Issues I think for me personally I can Deal with bugs they're funny haha and Then I just kind of move on but what I'm Not okay with is the inconsistent frame Rate and very early on it was noticeable That it was struggling to maintain 30 Frames per second It's not good I'll just kind of say that Much and it really got to the point for Me that I was debating on whether or not To just kind of wait for Pats to fix Some of its problems before I play this Game I went back and forth on this for Quite a while because on one side I am Extremely extremely excited to play this Game and it's also a ton of fun but at The same time I want to play it in a Better State than what it currently is Well what if I told you that you can Actually improve its performance right Now and you can also get rid of some Other issues as well without the need of A patch well lucky for you and actually For myself as well you actually can fix Some of these issues and this is Actually a very simple thing to do I did This myself and suddenly a lot of the Problems that I was previously having I Mean they just kind of vanished and now

I can just focus on having an absolute Blast as should have been the case all Along so basically What's Happening Here Is that it was discovered that what's Potentially causing some of these Problems could be a memory leak now what That means is that the switch's ram Isn't releasing memory the way it should Be Ram essentially is for accessing and Storing temporary data and what's Supposed to happen is that the Rams Should release this temporary data when It's no longer needed that way you can Use it for other applications and Pokemon though it appears that's not Happening so then the ram becomes Overloaded over time and that's what's Causing some of its technical issues so That there is what we're going to kind Of fix today and there's really only two Simple things that you need to do here The first and this is very simple all You have to do is close out of your game And to reboot it periodically that's it That's all you want to do that should Reset your RAM and give you a more Consistent frame rate now just in case You don't know how to do this all you Need to do is press your home button go To the Pokemon scarlet and violet icon Press X and then tell it to close once You reset just like magic your frame Rate will improve now do just kind of Understand this is only a temporary fix

So do make sure to do this step Periodically if you start to notice Frequent slowdowns again Simply Save and Restart your game once again now from What I've seen it's really when you go To big cities or towns and and then once You leave that's when a lot of the Issues seem to occur so so maybe when You leave a big city or town just kind Of restart your game that that might be A big help there now the other thing That you're going to do though is to Move where your Pokemon games are stored Now I heard this helps online I did it Myself it seems to help so you might as Well just go and give it a try it's Really not difficult to do but what you Need to do here is to move Pokemon to Your internal storage In other words do not store it on an SD Card now the way you do this is again Just go and press your Nintendo home Button then go over to settings then Scroll down to data management press Your a button to access that then click Move data between system then you need To move to system memory find your game And confirm yeah and just like that Voila it's that simple after that you Should be good to go so hopefully That'll help you I did it myself and it Seems to work I mean again it's just a Temporary fix and hopefully game freak Will eventually put a patch out I mean

What we'll kind of see about that but This game I mean it's just so good and I Know some people like myself I mean they Just don't want to wait and if that's The case for you just go and try these Solutions out here and hopefully it'll Help you have a better overall Experience nonetheless though I mean That's it for this video I just kind of Want to put a quick video together to Help some people out and hopefully it Does but as always go and make sure to Hit that subscribe and you know like all That type of stuff but let's just go and Get right back in to Pokemon peace out

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