How Namor Sets Up the X-Men in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

We knew going into Black Panther: Wakanda Forever that Namor (Tenoch Huerta) would be a mutant just like in the comics, but now that we’ve seen the new Ryan Coogler film, we have some theories on how his origin can pave the way for the X-Men! We’re going into FULL SPOILERS as we analyze the details of Namor’s origin as Marvel’s original mutant and use what we know from Marvel Comics history to predict how Namor will be a part of the MCU X-Men, Avengers, and Illuminati, plus more!

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Foreign [Music] [Music] With the release of black panther Wakanda forever audiences are introduced To Neymar the Submariner who is an Important figure in Marvel Comics History and one that appears to have a Key role in the MCU going forward that Can't be good that is of course because He is a mutant with strong ties to the X-Men so we're going to break down what We learned about mutants in the movie How that could help introduce the X-Men To the MCU and what namor's role will be In the MCU going forward Foreign [Music] We get an in-depth look at Neymar's Origin story in Black Panther 2 that Shows how he got his unique powers and How his people came to live underwater While the film solely focuses on Namor During this sequence there are some Aspects that allude to a far grander Design one that could lead to the X-Men In the flashback to South America 1571 We learned that neymor's people were Suffering from disease brought by Foreign Invaders and so the leader of Neymar's People Prayed to their Mayan God for Aid and the god instructed them To fetch a glowing flower growing Under The Sea The Flower is seen sprouting out

Of the vibranium meteor that crashed Into the ocean long ago making it Essentially an aquatic version of the Heart-shaped herb the mystical plant That gives the Black Panther their Powers Neymar's mother was pregnant and Feared the plant would harm her child so They crafted her a protective bracelet After consuming the flower in a potion Neymar's people fell into a deep sleep And awoke with new aquatic physiology They took to the ocean and founded the Underwater Kingdom of talocon seemingly Due to Neymar's mother taking the potion While pregnant he was born a mutant Unlike any other his most distinct Features were his pointed ears and the Wings on his ankles not to mention his Ability to breed both underwater and on The surface Only the most broken people Can be great leaders now there are some Key elements from Neymar's origin that Appear to lay the groundwork for the X-Men before this movie it seemed as Though the X-Men were going to join the MCU via the Multiverse after all the Professor X of Another Universe showed Up in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse Of Madness and recently Ryan Reynolds Revealed that Deadpool 3 will feature The return of Hugh Jackman's Wolverine Alongside his Deadpool with fans Assuming that both characters will be

Jumping from the fox X-Men Universe to The MCU however wakanda forever offers Another possibility perhaps Marvel is Working up a way for mutants to appear More naturally when Namor tells his Origin story he uses the term mutant to Describe himself which we all well know Is the term Modern Marvel Society uses To describe anyone with the x-gene it Could be that Neymar's mother consuming The vibranium infused herb while Pregnant is one what created the X Gene In the first place literally giving Birth to the mutant race Neymar's origin Goes back to the 1500s so the x-gene Would have centuries to spread before we Catch up to present day in the MCU Wake me when it's over in the Miss Marvel series on Disney plus we learn Kamala Khan has a mutation of Unknown Origin so perhaps the origin of her Powers goes all the way back hundreds of Years to Neymar Neymar was the first Mutant in Marvel Comics publishing History so it's fitting that he would be The original mutant in the MCU now Exactly how the x-gene could have spread From a secret civilization under the sea To the surface world is still a mystery Perhaps Namor ventured to the surface World and bore children passing on his Unique mutant DNA maybe there are even More vibrania meteor sites in the world That affected other people in different

Ways it's hard to say which of these Routes the MCU will take if any but Marvel certainly has done the work to Now have some kind of in-universe origin Story for the X-Men Foreign As for where Namor and the X-Men go from Here we have some theories based on the Comics while Namor and the people of Talocon are a secret civilization it's Only a matter of time before their Existence is revealed to the rest of the World after that happens it wouldn't be A surprise to see Neymar get involved With the various factions that exist or May soon exist in the MCU in the comics Neymar's first priority is always his Home of Atlantis and his brutal nature Often sees him labeled as an anti-hero Which is why he's been a part of both Heroic and bill and his teams over the Years he started out as a member of the Heroic Invaders and he's gone on to Become a member of the X-Men the Illuminati and the Avengers among many Others however Namor usually makes Choices that serve his own interests and That of his people even if it's at the Expense of what other Heroes perceive as The greater good so he's also been a Part of the dark X-Men and the evil Version of the Illuminati known as the Cabal the way Neymar was portrayed Wakanda forever is a perfect snapshot of

The characters anti-hero nature and a Taste of what to expect from him as the MCU continues onward if and when the X-Men joined the MCU Namor would be a Good fit for the team because if our Theory is correct they are all one People under the mutant Gene so he would Feel a kinship with them it wouldn't be A surprise if he also joined the mcu's Version of the Illuminati and or The Avengers but the second the win changes And he sees an opportunity to gain power For his people don't be shocked to see Him join up with the likes of Dr Doom or Even the next Thanos of all the Characters introduced in Marvel Space 4 Namor is definitely a wild card to keep An eye on And that's everything you need to know About how black panther wakanda forever Potentially sets up the X-Men what's Your take on how mutant kind will pop up In the MCU pit just your best theory in The comments thanks for watching be sure To check out our other black panther Wakanda forever videos and for more Marvel stay tuned to IGN

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