How long it takes to be beat God of War: Ragnaork #godofwar #godofwarragnarok #gaming #shorts

It took me around 28 hours to reach the End of God of War ragnarok's Story along That journey I completed a fair few of The longer side quests though so I'd Estimate somewhere in the early 20s if You were going to go straight ahead Along the path of mainlining it it took Me about 42 hours to do everything I Could in the game before the final Sequence of the story and then I got a Final play time of about 44 hours on the Gimme balance mode anytime there's a Game with Collectibles and unlockable Weapons or armor I make sure to get it All before the ending of the story I Rolled credits around the 60 hour mark On the give me God of War difficulty With a 95 completion if I were to start Fresh now knowing not to go for that 100 Completion before rolling credits I Would have cut my run in half so Consider this your PSA you could have Told me before I poured

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