How Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Redefines Family

With Black Panther: Wakanda Forever returning to the land of Wakanda in the Marvel Studios sequel, the characters are faced with a tragedy and must rally together to overcome it, and so the film redefines the concept of family and how the characters relate to each other. Princess Shuri (Letitia Wright) speaks to the changing relationship of brothers and sisters with the other characters Okoye (Danai Gurira) and Nakia (Lupita Nyong’o) in this IGN interview.

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Foreign So I want to start with how wakanda Forever uh positions some of the Supporting characters that we've met up To this point right right it positions Baku Nakia and akoye as these almost Surrogate older siblings for sure can You maybe talk about how Kind of use that Dynamic to develop this Movie's sense of family and what family Means to wakanda absolutely Um Yeah what family means To uh to wakanda is everything that's True of a lot of cultures but definitely True of um cultures that that I have a Base on the continent Um true of indigenous cultures you know Kind of universal thing the the the Family drama you know the family Dynamics this thing is has to be a lot Of things for it to work as to be family Drawn like you should it has to be a Political thriller and then it has to be Action movie but the family side of it Is what I think people can relate to the Most because everybody everybody's got a Family even if they don't have a family There's there's the absence of it that They use to define them you know what I'm you know what I'm saying and so I Think that's like the For it to work that kind of has to be The end point I think that the family

Side of it has to be the way in and um And these characters are Fantastical you Know what I'm saying like like you know African mountain man who worships like a Uh a gorilla God you know in in in uh That's like out there but but okay big Brother you understand that you know you Know what I'm saying or Uncle you know You understand that uh older sisters Auntie you know the sister-in-law I get It you know what I'm you know what I'm Saying and so for that I think it was Important and it was important that These relationships were believable Which is not easy to do Um but we were able to accomplish in the First round I hope we did in this one What is it that akoye provides for sure In terms of support in this movie that Only she can she has a huge heart for Shuri and really wants to keep her safe And protected and really wants to see Her actually step into a phase past the Pain of her grief and that is something That you know one question is that your Job or is that your Sisterhood and how Do they mix you know and Mel what Okoye Chooses to do to help shuri is it Helpful or not was it a good idea or was It not and um but the goal is it's Because her heart is so intertwined in The royal family that she wants to it's It's it's not she's not just a general To them she is a family member and and

That um that can have its consequences One way or another right nakia's Relationship with shuri is special Because they have been in each other's Lives for she has been in the shuri's Life her entire life much like her Family members you know one of the words That Ryan used to describe Nakia to T'challa was Oasis that's what he said to me when we Were making the first film that Nakia Was t'challa's Oasis And that stayed with me and I thought About that a lot when I was coming into This movie thinking okay now we don't Have t'challa so who is Nakia to herself But also who is she tashiri and in many Ways she's become that for shuri she's That she's that grounded force and the Key has always been ahead of the curve She her emotional intelligence is quite Advanced and so when it comes to how She's handling her grief There's something for shuri to learn From her and she's uniquely poised being The love of t'challa to teach us or to Give up an audience permission to Be okay

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