Hogwarts Legacy – Character Creator Gameplay Overview

Hogwarts Legacy held a livestream where they showed off a bunch of brand new gameplay. In this video, the developers run through the fairly expansive character creator you’ll get to play with when first booting up the game.

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Um these are your presets so a lot like Uh other games there's there's some Initial settings that you can put up put Uh choose for your character Um that just kind of get them into like The ballpark of what you want to be who You want to be and what you want to Change oh man and then once you're in That ballpark all the other tabs let you Dial that in to be exactly who you want To be it's our our goal with this is to Make sure that for anyone that Fantasized about bringing themselves to The school for the very first time that They feel like they have the options in Order to represent who they are and and Essentially bring themselves to Hogwarts Or whatever character they want to bring To Hogwarts oh my God and options Galore Uh do you mind if I try to put myself in Here right quick this is all about you Okay okay okay okay all right all right So oh okay yeah that's me that's me We're here we're here that's me right There all right so let's say that's the One we're pretty close but let's like Let's look at let's look at everything Okay let's play around with some of These options like really all right so What are we looking at with this this Option over here with the tab I see face Stuff yeah so a lot of the different Faces that you saw in the in the Previous screen all those faces are are

Choices that you have here so you can Now you're just kind of getting into the Details in your face shape and your skin Color Um and then because we knew a lot of People going right in are going to want To right away even though it's an option Later in the game yeah you can collect Different types of glasses put them on Later we give you some options right up Front if you want to have glasses for Your character oh man oh my gosh look at The structure of the faces with this wow You guys gotta have crazy I like that I Don't think my face is that skinny but I Think we'll go with that I think we'll Go that route uh and down here is this Those are your glasses there yeah Oh so we started we could we could go Harry Potter if you want Oh man and this is just some of the Options I'm assuming yeah so through the Course of the game there's a lot there's A lot of different uh options that You'll keep unlocking okay so as part of Kind of like gear for the character There's lots of different classes There's even masses all kinds of things Uh over the course of the game I thought It's all a Victorian era though yeah Such a good call that's a good call oh My gosh all right so now oh my oh we can Go Fleek on this one with the hair I spend a lot of time here just like

Dreaming about my different characters Oh my gosh the pony I the thing I'm always amazed by Whenever I see any aspects of Hogwarts Legacies character creator is just the Texture and like you even adding the Bounce with the hair moving around you Know that kind of looks like Hermione a Little bit I'm not pregnant and we can just go can I go like talks purple or green a little Bit absolutely Yo this is so cool oh I like that that Is cute Way back I wanted uh silver tips so that was the Closest I got to eat the color but oh my Gosh this is so cool so you literally Can bring yourself like it's it's a Myriad of textures and different Hairstyles here all right so now we're Getting over here to uh play around with Some of those these are more subtle Options okay freckles moles Um different things like uh when it Comes to your complexion like darker Eyes maybe like some shading on the Cheeks oh man you guys literally thought Of her With this I do have a bit of fun with That and then the scars are are one of Those options where You know Harry had his own unique starts Yeah but you can come in with your star

Options yeah Oh oh Wow look at that I didn't even see that Oh those are my favorite the eyebrows Yes yes It's a classic yeah you look kind of Just like tough but anyway so now we're Over here oh man this you guys This is so sick Again getting more subtle here you know Really like dialing in that face to Really yeah I don't know how uh reveal like I want To be with my facial features now just Like yeah I kind of have a big face yeah My eyebrows kind of sit kind of low But I mean literally you I mean the options just starting the Game I feel like I'm going to be here Like forever yeah you and me both and Then this this final tab here this is Where you kind of bring your whole Character together you know this is Where you finalize everything you're not Choosing your house here okay that's not Yet that was a theory uh but but you Know here's where you bring uh you Choose voice one or voice two which is More kind of a masculine or a feminine Voice and then even within that changing Your pitch a pitch slider it's a subtle Slider but yeah but you can hear it About That was quite something and so you can

Kind of make out the differences but Yeah you choose which kind of voice that You want uh you'll be selecting your Difficulty here for today we'll just go Normal because Andrew's going to be uh Taking us through some of the Experiences with combat later and we can Talk a little more about difficulty yeah With with combat and how that plays in But but I think the important thing here Is like if if for people who aren't Gamers especially right story mode is a Way to get into this without being Worried about like oh do I need to be Good at games like no just enjoy this Game and I would put expecto and then go Okay awesome and then uh whether you Want to be witch or wizard Amazing what'd you think

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