Have a Nice Death – Official Executive Decisions Update Trailer

The Executive Decisions update is available now for Have a Nice Death in Steam Early Access, bringing new bosses, weapons, spells, story content, winter holiday decorations, and improvements, including six new difficulty modes, and a new meta-progression system to the 2D action roguelike game.

Executive Decisions is the final major update for the Early Access version of the roguelike game ahead of the game’s launch on Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam and Steam Deck) on March 22, 2023.

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Well hello again beloved employees of Death Incorporated it's that exciting Time of the year the game you Company Benefits I could see you are filled with Enthusiasm Our courageous CEO is throwing out some New perks so you can expect an increase In efficiency Organization workload and of course Overall employee happiness You can choose from the following Benefits Brand new weapons and spells for you to Try as well as improvements to some Company Classics A range of cherry decorations for the Mandatory annual company holiday party Several new flaws for all your Netflix Necessary office material Work tasks for our Duo recruits but what Do you not over achievers You're crushingly difficult Responsibilities have also been expanded Leo can now choose His stockside And even has new options for upgrading It a gift for him is a gift for all of Us Unrated security to make you all feel Safe and sound And some other silly things you Lord Keep complaining to HR about Just Inc cares about its minions

Employees Now feet grateful and try to be the best Little workers you can be Quiet [Music]

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