Halo Infinite Winter Update With 343 – IGN Live

Presented by Trolli, IGN is sitting down with 343 to discuss everything that’s coming this winter to Halo Infinitie. We’ll be taking a look at two new mutiplayer maps, a new multiplayer mode called Cover One Flag, Forge, and the long awaited addition of co-op campaign.

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Welcome to a very special look at the Winter update of Halo infinite where We'll be deep diving into Forge campaign Co-op the new maps and new PVP mode one Flag with developers 243 at our side I'm Stella Chung and I'll let my Co-hosts from 343 introduce themselves Hey guys Hey how's it going Stella Today Pretty good you want to introduce Yourself sure I'm Michael Shore I'm the Forge lead designer here at 340 And I am Sean Barron and I run the live Service for Halo infinite awesome and I Know y'all have been super busy but Before we dive in a real quick shout out To our sponsor and our sponsor would Like to tell you that Halo and trolley The sour gummy brand known for shining Its neon light into the gaming World Teamed up to give fans Nationwide Collectible Trolli X Halo packs for a Limited time Gamers and sour gummy fans Who purchased these limited edition Packs will receive a code for Halo Infinite in-game content of Double XP Boosts and three challenge swaps Can also enter for a chance to win one Of five achievement worthy bundles Consisting of a custom trolley Love Sack Corsair and Elgato PC gear an Xbox Series s console a custom all new worm Themed truly Xbox controller and of

Course delicious trolley Halo infinite Collectible packs that make for a new Stream ready setup for everything from Team Slayer to oddball So to start we're really interested in What Ford is going to do for the game What has been the most impressive Creation you've seen so far Um I saw one I think it was last week or The week before where someone created a An arcade cabinet that was a like a 2d Version of of Halo right um playing like An old arcade game yeah it was totally Wild and like we really I mean we're Sitting there going how did you do this Yeah like and so thankfully he did a Video Um and we could see how he did the Perspective and we could see the Scripting um yeah but a lot of people Were really stumped I had some people Come to me and going this is fake and I Was like no I think it's real Um but that's to me that's as of yet in Terms of like some crazy experience That's sort of off the beaten path That's been the craziest thing I've seen So far Yeah so do you think that film Noir Sorry oh no go ahead go ahead well I was Gonna say there's that like film Noir One where it was like a like a sort of Like a investigator's office oh yeah People movie setting almost yeah that

Was really cool Experiences that people have been Creating yeah that's been really cool Yeah Yeah so I was gonna ask uh so if that Guy hadn't shown how he did everything Were you Do you think you would have been able to Figure out how it worked or do you think You really needed to see the background Information on how we did it I would have I think we would have Figured out the scripting end I don't Think we would have guessed the Perspective trick that that they used uh To create what that experience I think That was the that was the aha moment for Me where I was like oh now I see what's Going on Wow that's actually really impressive That they were able to stump you Well it looked like he had scaled um Some of our pieces and in our game if You scale a piece it's nothing that you Can reference with a script and so like That's what fooled a lot of people is That People are going well based on this Perspective he's he's scaled these Pieces right and you can't script those Pieces and the way he did it was the Perspective trick I was talking about so That that was what tripped up everybody Okay awesome and um how have you

Improved Forge since the last version Was created Um so the big improvements for this Version are scaling object scaling like I talked about before Um that's a huge add to the game because Now instead of having hundreds or even Thousands of object variants of Different sizes you can just give the Players a cube and go make it whatever Size you want you want it big you want It small you can scale it to your liking So that's been a game changer Um the scripting that was in Halo 5 was Pretty powerful but it was a little Obtuse and so we've added a visual Scripting uh component called node graph Where you can go and place nodes in a um In a space and just script your your Experiences using these visual nodes and So to me that's that's another big Improvement that we've worked on Um and then we've also added Um well the budget uh We've the budget Right now is about 7 000 and Halo 5 is About there's 1600 objects that we've Passed linked its budget Um that's been a big deal and then the Way objects take materials now is a big Deal Um there's regions on each object where You can change Um you can change the material change The trim or the body or the detailed

Materials to make these objects uh look Like Not another Improvement And then there's one on my there's one More on my brain that's not coming out Of my mouth Those are the big I'd say those are the Big three in terms of improvements over Five You can put in custom games right now if You're making a forged experience you Can add Um data so this the Spartan Bots know What to do in your your map and so That's a big ad Um Just for testing your map Spartan Bots Are really useful because you don't have To find seven other people that want to Play your map Plus in creating new Experiences I know that players are Going to like use the Spartan bots in Ways that we haven't even thought of Exactly Yeah I'm super excited to see that and As we're talking about Halo forge Builders um they've been able to make Some really incredible things so I'm Curious if you took any Inspirations for The tool set now from other creation Tools like dreams or even Roblox I think I mean any tool creation was Something that we we knew about I don't Know if there's like direct sort of like

Oh we're gonna use this but like Obviously we looked at all that stuff And look how look at different feature Sets You know we wanted to make sure that Forge was as full featured as any other Content creation set and so making sure That the scripting store was really good Making sure that players could scale Objects like all those things that I Just talked about those were sort of the The minimum bar for making Forge what it Is to give players the power to make the Stuff that they want to make Um there's a there's a quote I keep Using this but I love it Tom French when I first started he's like you know if You give players a toy they're gonna Make toys if you give them a tool set They're going to make experiences right And that really stuck with me and that's Kind of been our Guiding Light for for Those kind of things it's like really Making sure that we give the players as Much power as we can so they can just go Crazy and you guys have worked super Hard with the forge Runners to get a lot Of their feedback right like that's been Amazing yeah yeah the forge Runner um Program so the forge council is a group Of community Fortress that we've been um Flighting various builds of Forge to and Getting their feedback they've been Building content

Um they've been helping us sort of Um improve the workflow of Forge getting Feedback on features or you know even uh Bugs Etc they've been super useful in in Bringing Forge to the level that it is Right now yeah and that's we've been Doing that for over two years now it's Been a while basically the start of the Pandemic is when that started Yeah that's honestly that's impressive That you have a council that sounds so Official and kind of scary almost Well they all wear robes yeah and There's local meetings they chant before We admit I see no that makes total sense Yeah Um so what would you say was the hardest Thing about evolving Forge uh to the Modern tools that you are now talking About Um I would say first off just because we Added so many features Um the the ux of adding those features Onto a controller was a it was a big Challenge Um and we solved that by adding radio Menus in the game that um that are great For accessing those various actions or Tools and they're they're extensible so When we add more tools later on we'll be Able to do that Um and then just technically like we Inherited a lot of what's in Forge what Will be in forged tomorrow from our

Internal tools and those are just Technically very complex thing things we Inherited the lighting system from our Internal tools we inherited a really Robust audio system Um and in the navesh system that I Talked about previously like we Inherited all that from the internal Tools and so like Not only bringing them in was it was a Technical hurdle but also making them Something that we could put in front of Players that was maybe more intuitive or Just easier to use than internal tools That was a big challenge as well Okay yeah I mean that sounds like a lot Of stuff that you are bringing over that Is official Um so I'm curious with all these tools That were internal Um being brought to forge would you ever Make a game mode that was created and Forge an official supported mode Absolutely for sure yes 100 that is the Plan So I know fortnite does this thing where They highlight different maps that are Uh made by the community every so often Is that something that we might see on The Halo menus uh for Forge Yes very much so so in in the Halo menu There and the community tab there's a Section called recommended uh that is Entirely curated by 343 and the goal

There is to fill that with entirely Community created content yeah And we're going to want to bring it into I don't know if we've covered this Anywhere else but like we want to bring Great things that come out of the Community into our matchmaking systems Like right so into our ranked play into Our social play very likely start social And then if things you know get a lot of Uh good momentum on them from a uh Competitive perspective movement there Too but yeah so we we did that in Halo 5 As well we had many maps that were Actually created by our community that Were pretty fantastic That's awesome okay that's really good Here I kind of look at recommended as Sort of the stepping stone for Experiences that might end up in a Playlist right like oh this is cool this Is interesting let's take a look at it Make sure that it's it's right for Everyone and put it in recommended and See what people think right and then if That stuff gains Steam Or is just super fun right obviously We're going to bring it to the next Level and and add to playlists like Sean Said Yeah so what would be the steps I I know This is you know it's not even out yet But what would be the steps in uh Bringing it up a level you know say you

Do want to bring a game mode into Competitive what will be the next steps Would you work with the Creator to Um help them develop this further would You uh take this over No I we would work with the Creator We're we're trying to actually Internally we're trying to establish Those guidelines uh right now so we can Give a document for the for the Community to sort of base their their Stuff on but yeah at a high level Obviously we gotta have the the content Has to be created right and then Um and then we have to find it and go Man this is really cool and then once We're ready for playt or for adding it Into playlists we need to work with that Creator to just make sure the map is Performant you know is the frame rate High uh does it work with all the game Modes that it's supposed to Um and just well there'll be a dialogue With the content creators and going hey This we want to do this these are these Are the things that we need out of this Map you know if you hit these check Marks we can throw it in a playlist But yeah like you said I expect that to Be a dialogue with um several or many Creators right Yeah Things let's go back to you some older Things what's a new Forge feature you're

Proud to see come back from previous Iterations of Forge Let's see From previous forwards what's the Feature that is I guess you're happy to See come back Well I like the fact that we're still Using canvases as the base right we have These amazingly gorgeous canvases that The art teams created and that I'm glad That that system of how players build Upon a canvas to make an experience is Still there I think it's really solid Obviously Canvases are something that we'll add to In the future so we're going to start With six but we'll evolve from there and We'll be we'll be adding more down the Line so I'm glad that's still in place Um Gosh the rest of the features that came Over from Halo 5 feels sort of Anti-climactic yeah Um Compared to infinite that's a really Good question Uh so okay while you're thinking about That so for someone who's new to forge Like I'm completely new to forge I had a Friend who worked on it or who played in Previous versions and I was like I don't Know what you're doing Um how easy is it going to be for Someone who's completely new to forge to

Come in and kind of mess around with Things Um I think if you're starting from Scratch obviously the the skill floor There is a little higher Um but if you take either a community Main map or one of our two Forge maps And start with that as a base Um obviously those are going to be fully Functioning experiences so You know you might for instance want to Open up Argyle one of the maps that Launches tomorrow and and be like you Know what I just I want to move where The the flag spawn I want to change the CTF experience right that would be a Very good Way to dip your toes in or you might Want to say I'm going to start off when Um when someone captures the flag I want To script some silly event where all the Weapons change or something like that Like to me those are very good sort of First experiences to try and create and Forge and then go from there you know Before you get into a totally blank Canvas and start from scratch and make The whole thing which is it's pretty Daunting it's daunting it's challenging It can be really complex depending on What you want to make so yeah I'd say Start with one of the existing maps and Go from there there's a lot of uh we Just put out some uh Basics right some

Some sort of videos That's right Um and then there are a lot of Communities out there that you can Follow Um with people making stuff in Forge and Just asking them questions like the Halo Community is actually pretty welcoming Especially when you're really interested In making stuff Mm-hmm yeah I'm excited honestly I just Want to make a mode where if you kill One of the chickens on the map they all Swarm you kind of like in Legend of Zelda like I think that would be really Fun I can mob yes I want to do that Well if you're just tuning in we are Sitting down with three four three Talking Halo infinite brought to you by Trolley now we are diving into the two New PVP maps that were created in Forge And covert one flag so starting with Argyle what are your favorite elements Of this map Um I like I think the architecture is Just stunning right it evokes a little Bit of the Forerunner theme but Obviously it's UNSC Um I just like those angles it kind of It also reminds me a little bit of old School games you know I was a big fan of Quake 3 and this kind of reminds me a Little bit of like a classic break 3

Vibe Um I like that it's so some people might Some people have called out an interview That it reminds them visually of a old Map called Epitaph which I know Everybody loves but what I love about it Is that it does throw you back there With the different levels of verticality So it's like meet low medium high so you Just saw someone coming up around the Back Um and uh I love that type of combat and Infinite in particular but I also uh Like the fact that it's more control And Epitaph for example Okay so we're looking at the symmetrical Map yes I honestly really like symmetry In uh Halo Maps but talking about the Maps on the layout of this what would You say are the best weapons to use on This map Well obviously the sniper is you know There's a lot of sniper duels that go on Because they both spawn on opposite Sides of the map I don't know similar Area you can look down Um I've been a fan of The the plasma grenades and the heat Wave in this map there's a lot of Especially in the bottom area yeah yeah Just like the angles are pretty easy to Sort of understand where things are Going right and so kept a lot of people Unaware

Um not a rifle also works pretty good I Mean like battle rifle is pretty much my Default I love it Um Commandos is with our a bit of our Sandbox is probably gonna be a little Bit easier to play with here Um I can't remember So we have the two sniper rifles around This one right we didn't put the Rockets No okay we play with a bunch of Different versions of the map with Different ways from the different Weapons and sometimes we change what we Ship so if you wanted rockets In that we have a bit of a floating area In the middle there were rockets on that Originally Um If you are a skilled grapple shot player You can move around this map with Incredible ease yeah Okay yeah that was gonna be my question I was gonna ask if gravel shot was on This map Awesome okay Yeah I love how polished this map looks It looks so clean but I do want to ask Uh what are your favorite elements about Detachment I really I love the island This island versus main gameplay space Uh play I love the the discussion the

Gameplay discussion that players have With those two spaces I like how you Know attachment is um our first Arena Map with a teleporter in it I like how That contributes to The Meta of the game Uh in fact the teleporter is there's two Kinetic launchers that take you to the Island but there's also a teleporter That'll take you and drop you down is That the technical term the kinetical Entreman cannon no we changed it okay You heard it here first okay That's much so like when I right now if You're looking over there that's my Favorite area like this reminds me uh Yeah we're just talking about yeah if Right around there but towards the back Of the map Um there's this area where it's almost Like um Where you are using the kinetic Launchers thank you and yeah and you can It's a really creates a really fun Dynamic Um but here you're actually able to go Back a little further than you would be On that map and so you can actually Control space a little bit more Um and that's a lot of fun for me Because I'm not a very good player and So if I can if I can if I can hold my BR And stay back a little bit Um it helps me uh because everybody else Can use it for me I like hiding

I also really enjoy this Lounge it Almost feels like it's really easy to Learn hard to master yeah and that's Hard to do as a special designer that's Why I personally I love so much because Yeah this looks really fun like there Are a lot of angles to play here Especially around here there's so many Different levels you can be on Yeah easy to get sniped when you're up On these platforms for sure yeah makes Me feel like capture the flag is going To be a difficult mode on this map I've seen some pretty sweaty matches of CTF in this map and I I will agree with That Yeah so with these two maps uh what did You keep in mind specifically as you Built them Um you know we started we had these two Layouts that we brought into Forge and Um you know one of the things we always Had to keep in mind Um Uh better for worse than the budget Right these both of these Maps Um sort of bounce up against the forge Budget which you know like I said Earlier is is Improved vastly from Halo 5S but we Still hit that that limit right and so That was one of the concerns Um I want to say concerned it's just Something we were constantly thinking

About and then just balancing the budget Of the map object budget of the lighting Object the audio object Um I think that was that was something That was always top of mind when we were Making this map and making sure that Each team you know we worked with the Lighting team and we worked with the Audio team we were busy FX team and each Team wants to put their stamp on it Right and so like being able to balance All those and making sure every team had A voice Um in the and product of the map that Was really important to us Okay so how long would discussions last Between teams before solidifying um a Certain aspect of a map Um that's a good question you know we Work on maps and phases right so like You the first couple of months maybe six Weeks of a map you work on the block out And the the Geo you want to get the Gameplay right you want to get the the Sandbox elements right and then once you Have that to a really good State then You can move on to adding visuals right And so each and each discussion is with A different team right the first six Weeks is with the the level designers Um and then once you get to the visuals Now you're talking with the art leads From the MP team Um and then once you get some of the

Visuals then you start bringing in the Light theme so it's hard to say like Individual discussions it's just it's a Constant discussion over the evolution Of a map to work with these teams to Make sure that gameplay is never harmed By something that lighting does but Lighting has the free invented to make Things that they want etc etc People in discussion with all of those Teams and you're playing it But every day to make sure that it's fun And you know the wall goes from Gray to Red and when the sky goes from afternoon Or you know things like that so Um Yeah so with these two new maps since he Created them in Forge is there anything That you wanted to Showcase in Particular I know you talked about Budget and such but is there like any Outstanding feature that you really Wanted to show off You know I really like the I think the Teleporter room just looks stunning Um it just and in my I don't know if It's gonna show on this video but Um it just feels just really well after It lit well it's got an interesting Gameplay it just feels like this cool Little space Um but you know I it's that's really Hard for me to answer because I think Both of these maps are stunning

You know both the LD team and our team Like everyone involved really did a Great job and came together to make this Experience Um I just I love it as a whole that it Really it sits next to our other Maps Like recharge or live fire like and it's It's and holds its own again Right maybe that's the thing I'm most Proud about it's the the difference Between something that we would make in Our own tools that favor and that we Would make in Forge is it's not really That as significant as it was in Halo 5 And I think when I look at these maps For me the thing that I get such a joy Out of the scene at the beginning of a Potential for people is what they can do With Halo right And then also seeing how your team and All these other teams involved were able To use like Echoes of other Maps right Classic map that we have in our Background Ever and you can see them here that DNA So you've got this forward-facing idea Of Forge but with this real This real recall from these things that Are fundamentally Halo that matter right And I love that yeah I love leveraging Those archives it's fantastic That's my smiling whenever the gameplay Comes up I'm smiling as soon as you see Me I'm like oh

That makes me really happy to hear I I Know we spent a lot of time on the maps And I do want to cover covert one flag So Um please run us through the new mode How is this game mode going to play Yeah it's it's a little spicy at times Um it kind of depends on the map that You're playing on but you have uh Asymmetrical uh equipment so uh one map Well one team will start out defending Uh and they will have uh threat sensors And the other map the other team is Trying to get the flag uh because one It's one flag it's in the name covert One five Um and that team has uh uh active camo And so the idea is like you're going Through their healthfully trying to like Make sure that people don't know where You are trying to get to the flag and There's a lot of tension there and you Know it's like hide and seek right which Is sort of delicious anyways uh same Sort of vibe but their strategy in terms Of like how you want to send people as Decoys when you want to activate your Camo Um when do you want to use your your Location sensors and I think that the Team did a really really good job of Balancing those things out and it's a Ton of fun Okay interesting

Yeah so do you respawn in this mode or Is it kind of just one life You do you do respond but it's a so you Would you switch sides um Yes and then you get uh with the best of Five series Oh okay So Interesting do you respond with camo Every time uh you you come in okay you Have unlimited uh oh wow okay Uh so will this new game mode be you Said this was spicy so I'm curious is This going to be a competitive mode in Ranked and possibly in tournaments I do not know the answer to that Question Is in general yeah so like uh some I Think one of the things that is really Important with Uh competitive gameplay The ability for us to Showcase clear Strategies and skill over time Um and this one is so new but I don't Know that we can say that I'm not saying We can't I'm just you're always going to Hear me be more cautious than to be more Uh directly yeah of course Um so I think we're gonna wait and see With that one Okay yeah I'm very curious The asymmetrical yeah that's right That's a challenge yeah Right now we want to have fun with it

Yeah I okay so what was the craziest Technique or strategy that you've done In this game mode I mean they're not crazy it's it's sort Of like because they're all fairly Logical from a defense perspective it's Just like timing your your uh threat Locations your location sensor or threat Sensor uh shot roster team you can cover The space you need to make sure that you Can see the people who are invisible and Then from an invisible perspective is Running Um distraction attacks right and just Going out and maybe pushing on one side Making it pretty obvious that you're Coming from one time Okay yeah I'm actually very curious to Play this it seems like a moda can go I Can get pretty competitive on so I'm Very excited to see how it plays It is definitely competitive but it is Also it's just fun it's just been fun Okay well I do want to go back to the Maps real quick before we go into our Next segment which we're going to be Talking about campaign co-op uh so how Long does it take to make a brand new Map Uh in Forge right now we're looking at Um five to six months That's our goal Um So and all those phases excuse me all

Those phases I was talking about are Obviously part of that Um I think you know certain Maps will Probably take a little longer and maybe Certain Maps will take a little shorter Depending on sort of what we're going For you know if we were to make a Um You know we made a doubles map I might Take a little less time because it's Just less space right a space to make Look good and work Um hard to say but I think five to six Months is a good is a good average and That's what we're shooting for with four Trade Maps Obviously we want to get these out quick Um as quick as we can without Sacrificing gameplay or visual quality And I think for six months um you know As long as nothing goes wrong uh we can Hit that bar Awesome yeah I feel like I feel like Five to six months is about par for uh New maps and games I know that Apex is Also around the same something like that So uh very excited to see these new maps And now we do have to move on to Campaign co-op and I'm really excited About this feature because my best Friend and I have been waiting because We've been playing through each of the Campaign's co-op and of course he likes

To take every moment to smack me in the Back of the head and kill me and go oh No must have been someone else so I'm Pretty excited to experience that in Halo win today Do we have that inhaling from do we Actually have player to player damage in I don't even that's not even something That we do like I don't even think about Doing that to another person Yeah I mean is this person your friend I Think grenade damage is at least on That's for sure right yeah oh great okay So I'm never showing him this stream That's that's just set okay great cool So I'll just never tell them that There's no okay it takes all sorts Awesome okay now I do have have to ask This question I would not be doing my Job if I didn't and I'm so sorry but During one of your recent streams even If that couch Co-op would not be coming Into Halo infinite and as the community Discovered you can glitch into the mode And digital Foundry thought this worked Well so is this something that you'd Ever consider reevaluating at any time So right now we are committed to Supporting the live service and making Sure that the quality of this release is Really High and good and that we we land that But now for like a slightly Non-political answer a more direct

Answer uh you know when you when you see That we of course were working on it for Many many months years uh on campaign Co-op uh couch Co-op and you know There's a lot a lot of challenges there From a technical perspective Um and what people were able to I guess You called it glitch into is probably an 80 but the amount of work for us to get From an 80 quality to 100 quality is Significant and the amount of uh effort That would take right now is is not Something that we we can commit to Um and I'm not even sure how long it Would take to be honest Because there are there are things where Even if we have just a few crashes I'm Not sure what platform they were playing On because we would have to support all Platforms Um that's not maybe even something we Could get through our certification Passes Okay yeah that's completely fair I had To ask Um and thank you for your very candid Answer Um and it's fine because most people are Online anyways at least my friend and I He lives across the country so we'll be Playing online and um I know I'm not Trying to dodge it but like like it's Not when you say not no it is Frustrating and we acknowledge that like

It is frustrating for people Um but that is the truth of what's Happening right now Yeah well online campaign co-op is Dropping and uh my boss did get to play Through this and participate in the Flight test or test flight sorry uh Which was a ton of fun and I know that He and uh Ryan McCaffrey my other uh Co-workers they absolutely loved it they Had a blast Um but can you tell me about some of the Changes that happened since then to Improve the mode Oh some of the two dispenseman well I Mean a lot of times yeah there's more Yeah there's more stability I don't know I actually don't know how many crashes Or weird stinks they had or people Moving out of the the uh paired areas of Combat and engagement like some things Like that were necessarily working from The stability perspective but right now I think that the team feels really Really confident about where it is in Terms of you know four players playing Online together across different devices And you know the way that the Progression system works in their Um how you know if you're the person who Has the lowest or the has gone the least Far in the campaign becomes like a Common denominator for everybody's Progression but then all you all share

Collectible progression so like you're Me and maybe you're not as far as Someone else they know how to get to Something like a new armor or something Like that if they unlock it in that in That session with them you'll get it as Well Um and so all that stuff is really Coming online really really well and It's a lot of fun to play together Okay yeah so I know you talked about uh The process of building Co-op Um what was the process like in terms of Building online co-op and focusing on That Yeah so it's a technical it's the it's a Real technical challenge it's different Than Uh any other Halo experience that we've We've tried to support before and that You know it's because it's such a wide World once you get out of these these Dungeon areas these interior areas and You're in the open World Um there's so much space that Traditional players can go uh and so one Of the challenges and we support more Device types than it would be for right So we're sorting Um you know Xbox one all the way up Through Xbox series X all the way to Very very high end PC and we have to be Able to support the different network Qualities and Hardware qualities across

Those experiences in a world that is Significantly larger and more Computationally intensive than ever Before and the team did such a good job There one of the ways that they did that Like I love the way that they initially Thought about it they said hey let's Think about the largest uh campaign Engagement space right where you know These missions where like maybe it's Like the prison attack I'm not going to Do any spoilers or anything like there's A large space where uh you can you can Play right and what they did was they Said okay well this is the space the Radius of the space and then we're going To double it and we need to be able to Support players being able to Communicate with each other have similar Experiences Um understand what's happening Um without the game breaking Um and uh they actually said they Doubled it that space and it's awesome Yeah and go out of it you do sort of the Player who leaves that space or the Center of mass or most players or the I Guess the player who's going to be Matching session uh it will send you Back to them you will die and then Respond back to them Um but yeah it's great Yeah and I think you also mentioned um Some of the network issues and such uh

And I am curious to know how the servers Will work with um you know say me and my Friend who live on opposite sides of the US Um I'm curious how that server is going To work or how that connection will work Yeah there's a dedicated server so There's gonna be a dedicated server for If you're the leader of the session and Uh Work great pretty pretty confident That's why we had those flights people In different countries uh playing with Each other worked out pretty well Okay yeah and I think you kind of Touched on this but how does Halo Infinite's open world change the way Players engage with the game I know You're talking about uh distance in Terms of like you know magnetic back to The main player Oh well yeah I mean people can and you Know Halo's always had uh of a Vibe of Being very open so if you play CE and You you know you're driving around on The beach uh once you at least once you Get out of the the ship right uh it Feels open feels like there's a lot of Options to go do things but it's still Kind of controlled it's still really Very much Um on Rails or large rooms moving across Each other for this one it's open right Like you can engage in the that uh any

Of these these uh exterior World spaces Um and go from very different directions So you might have someone who would go In there guns blazing and try to Directly attack Um or you might have someone like me Who's gonna pick up the sniper rifles And you know go and very slowly uh Methodically remove all of the enemies Before they can even attack right and so Those are the sorts of gameplay styles That we see people using and I wouldn't Say that it different than previous Halos I would just say that it's More uh extreme versions of those Behaviors Okay which is cool and you can actually Now do it you can have multiple play Styles in the same session with you know Multiple different people so you might Go in their guns blazing well I'm just Supporting you from the back using my Sniper rifle and we both get a lot of Joy out of that Yeah that's awesome I'm definitely very Much the uh guns blazing person Which actually brings me to my next Question so um how old will the Difficulty scale the more players you Have in a co-op session I believe it stays the same for it is Whatever the code the leader has set to Their difficulty level So if they did the hardest difficulty is

There I think we were talking about team Fire is there a team fire on for the Hardest difficulty That's that's one thing I would actually Need to verify because I don't even try To do that like I'm not I don't own Campaign like it's not but that's not The space but when I play I'm not Thinking hey I'm gonna shoot my buddy in The back so I don't I'm not sure Okay yeah I I look I am just mentally Preparing myself for the things that my Friend is going to do Double damage yup yeah Um so when you did play through campaign I know you said campaign isn't really Your domain but um what difficulty did You plan I'm actually very curious So So I played on heroic actually no I Played on normal Um it depends on what we're talking About if we're talking about the shift Version of the game I played on normal I Always do legendary I can I even have The receipts to prove it um maybe I'll Post those someday I always play on Legendary I have not had a chance yet Things are quite uh intense since we Launched infinite so I have not had a Chance to play legendary however Network Co-op is a really good Opportunity for me to get back in there And do it so I will probably try to do

That maybe over the holidays Yeah is there Is there anything you want to do in Particular with playing Co-op are you Going to are you gonna sign in with Friends family or just you know do Randoms through uh matchmaking oh no I'm Gonna play with my I think I talked About I don't know maybe Before I have a best friend I've played Halo with forever like our entire lives And so we always play the campaigns uh Co-op so we're gonna we're gonna play This one together and I I think I'm going to really enjoy uh the Final few spaces before the final fight In the game so I don't know if you Remember those areas where uh did you Play the campaign I played through some Of it but again I was waiting for the Campaign co-op because it was kind of Similar to you we played all the Campaigns together so okay yeah there's A space right before the very end of the Game where you you fight waves of Enemies oh okay and on legendary that's Gonna be a lot of fun and I really Really can't wait to do that All those years of playing with this Friend you've never actually team fired Each other I just I like maybe I'm I'm too boring I Just never thought about it I'm not a Griefer that's not my that's not my OKAY

Model OKAY that's fair so to the both of You what are you most excited for Players to discover with this winter Update we talked about Forge campaign Co-op the new maps what are you the most Excited for players to experience I think for me I think it's uh it Or just a note graph you know I've Already seen some pretty crazy stuff Like we talked about earlier that people Have made with known graph Um now once players can get into the Actual Forge and they can save those Experiences and and move forward with That stuff it's going to get crazier More complex we're gonna I just can't Wait to see the kind of insanity that They're going to come up with Yeah for me Gosh we haven't we haven't really talked About multiplayer yet Um but I'm really excited for people to Get a More Um so I'm talking about match XP Um multiplayer really excited about that I think that the thing that I want to do I might have bothered like all about This a few times I'm pretty Pretty excited about getting player made Forge maps and player Mage Gorge modes Into our matchmaking experience to To not only show our gratitude to those Players for like what they can do but

Just to show off the capabilities of That tool set and also just to use that To give players more and more Opportunities to both see the ways that They can they could possibly Express Themselves enjoy Halo in different ways Uh but then also maybe spark an interest In them to go create themselves that is Something that I'm really excited about Because our community has potential Creators for decades at this point and I'm really excited about that Yeah so you talk about progression will Matches played in fourth count towards Uh XP progression at all Not yet okay Okay and so if you are playing a forge Made map that we've put into a playlist We are going to we are working on ways To make sure that you know one of the Things I said Um Should find a way All right that solution is Um Yeah I'm very glad that the discussion is in Place and that there is going to be a Progression update so I'm very excited To see all of that Um and I'm so excited for the winter Update thank you so much for talking About us that is talking to this about Us about it to us oh my God I could talk

But that is all the Halo Infinity we Have time for today thank you so much For being here No thank you thanks for having us yeah And I want to shout out our sponsor Thank you so much trolley for sponsoring This stream and with that thank you for Watching and for more on all things Halo Make sure to stay right here on IGN

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