Gungrave G.O.R.E. – 9 Minutes of Developer Gameplay

Check out nine minutes of developer-narrated gameplay from Gungrave G.O.R.E., the upcoming fast-action third-person shooter that aims to marry Eastern and Western game design styles and philosophies. Gungrave G.O.R.E. will be released on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms on November 22.

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I'm truly glad I can properly introduce Gun grave Gordy you guys let's check out The actual gameplay of gun grave Gore Con grave Gore is the sequel of gun Grave series The Game contains Auto Targeting system and unlimited ammo that Drove people crazy in the previous Version also Dodge shot that is stylish Looking best spear where you have to Charge two guns to fire lock on system That you can specifically Target what You would like to get rid of first First mode that makes you feel like You're on a dance floor cool looking Skills can be performed that you saw in Previous version by using coffin HP system that makes crave alive during The battle and shield system that Protects the HP of grave let's implement It the same as previous versions this is A familiar setup even for those who play The game for the first time We modernize the character control System in the previous version camera Direction and character movement are Controlled at the same time which block The side of the players so we decided to Separate the character movements and Camera Direction following the trend of Game nowadays Because of this Improvement we place the Shooting button to the trigger now You'll be more comfortable playing the Game one trigger four bullets please

Remember although you'll be matching the Shooting button if you get excited Shooting was super cool in previous Version however lack of skills made the Game rather simple we added various Powerful melee attack to improve on that On top of cool shooting action strong Really action is added Rave can perform melee combo action by Using death or This is called funeral strike Amelia Tech of death bore in the previous Version was rather defensive skill to Push up the enemies they came near in Gun grave Gore we added a strong combo Attack called funeral strike You can give damages to multiple enemies By swinging this large death horror Coffin and you can destroy the enemies With Shield which cannot be broken with Gun very interesting huh Death tornado is a skill to give damages To NPCs around you which can be Performed by swinging the death horror Death tornado existed in previous Version and just like the way you worked Before you can swing off the enemies Missiles and some special skills of Enemies also during the boss battle you Can reflect some of the skills of the Bosses death tornado is very important To get advantages in battle so use it Often and don't forget it Funeral strike can be upgraded to use

Even more powerful melee combo action Finish Finishing skills like fatal charger Doom win sweep death wheel and Etc Allows players to use the right attack For right situation Make your own finish Death Hook is newly added skill where Hook of death horror gets launched to Grab enemies to you grab the enemy can Be used as a shield for grave grab Enemies will die but once the HP is all Gone also you can throw the grab enemies And give damages to other enemies you Can upgrade a skills like blood Cannon Power smash to connect it with the death Hook to show connected actions this is New to the series which you couldn't see From previous versions Other than grabbing enemies with death Hook you can use death hook to get two Enemies quicker this is called chasing Chasing can be used to get to the Enemies quicker to perform melee action Or you can use it to get out of Dangerous situations various connected Action can be mixed getting into the Middle of group of enemies and kill them All is another cool style of attack R.I.P serves very important role to Regenerate The Shield if an enemy gets Into stun phase you can perform rip and If you see an enemy far away being Stunned you can use death poke to

Perform rip When you successfully perform rip some Shield will be regenerated immediately Enemies will get out of stunt phase After a certain time meaning rip cannot Be performed so make sure you make use Of that every time you see by the way Rip was named by nitoson Storm barrage is a powerful action that Gray performs shoots crazy amount of Bullets around them you have to get 50 Beat counts to be able to use this skill The destructive power is there and the Speed of attack is there meaning you can Fill up the demolition gauge quickly If you upgrade it you can use various Ways of stone barrage however Shield Will be reduced when you perform jump And Dodge storm garage so use them with Strategies Time for demolition shot destroyed Everything Demolition shots are special skills of Grave which is the most powerful and Covers the widest range you need Demolition points to perform demolition Shots And to earn demolition points you have To fill up the demolition gauge we made It visible that the gauges gets filled Up when graybus takes the enemy so Players can see that as they play the Game this way the clear information is Given that the demolition shot is gonna

Be ready soon Each demolition shot has its own grade And depending on the grade amount of Damages and how wide of range it cover Can vary more demolition points are Required when you use higher graded Demolition shots demolition shot has Unique traits it is consistent with Various Styles such as range type Explosive type going straight type and Shooting Players can pick and choose up to 4 Demolition shots depending on their Battle style once demolition shot is Used in game some HP will regenerate it Demolition shot is very useful for Getting HP back In gun grave Gore character growth is Implemented in the lab you can upgrade Skills HP and striking power of grave In the previous version demolition shots Weren't unlocked as the beat stages but In Gore you can unlock demolition Shots By purchasing them at the lab You have to make grave stronger to face A stronger enemies by upgrading it it'll Be fun to see how strong grade becomes And challenge yourself to have the Strongest grave alive You need DNA to upgrade in lab more DNA Can be earned when you have higher grade And Stage results in order for you to Get high gradient stage results you need To care about stage clearing time how

Many enemies are killed and how much HP Is left at the end of the stage And how stylish you play the game and You'll be judged by our score you earn During the battle Try to get the highest to beat Kung Possible that would be entertaining Right As you play the game Stronger enemies are waiting for grave Play more aggressively more attacking Oriented you play the stronger grave Gets don't stop shooting Bullet shower to enemies and increase The beat counts With the increase speed count use storm Barrage for even more blood shower to Enemies around you Storm barrage Will help you to fill up the demolition Gauge quickly Give death to all the enemies who are Blocking grave with demolition shot Demolition shot really word you with Regenerating HP No matter how many enemies are in front You can fight them through because that Is who grave is

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