God of War Ragnarok – Official ‘Creatures and Characters’ Behind The Scenes

I get to lead a team of fantastic and Brilliant concept artists and our role Is to create the characters that you see In the game that's everything from the Main hero cast you Siege of the Creatures the Gods and Monsters that you Come across the hope is that we get Something that feels unique and stands Up to the history and the legacy of what The God of War franchise has always done I feel like from the first games that Was a similar approach that they were Doing and that's not always easy Right My name is Raf grassetti I'm the art Director for God of War Ragnarok I am a character technical artist hi my Name is Angela Rico and I am a senior Character artist in God of War Ragnarok Hi I'm Della longfish and I am the lead Of the character concept team at Santa Monica Studio come in What in all Yarns be the happen to him As a character technical artist here at SMS I rig most of the characters and Props that you see throughout the world As character artists Oreo is to create 3D assets based on the beautiful concept Are provided to us we do this by making Sure that the Silhouettes and the models And the textures and materials stand out Instantaneously so when you see our Characters on the screen we want you to Almost like them immediately or have a

Connection to them to some extent before Even interacting with them as our Director I get the chance to collaborate With all the departments in the studio From from narrative to this Dev because We want to make sure the factions feel Correct all the races belong to where They they're supposed to be like all the Realms I have very specific Characteristics about them to make sure It all fits within the God of War Universe sorry one more thing although These are gifts I'm giving to you so I Shouldn't be sorry and you should be Thankful anyways here please be careful In the God of War 2018 we saw Brock and Cindering that was the tip of the Iceberg of the whole drug and it got a War Ragnarok we actually get to go and Visit spiral hunt where they're from and A great part of that too we want to make Sure that we expand the cast you know We've just seen a little bit of what was Represented and that was something that We hadn't seen sparrowheim is a Beautiful place there's a lot of Different biomes you go from Wetlands to Mountain springs and took a lot of Inspiration from Hot Springs from the Minerals that you find a lot of colorful Minerals a lot of resources so the Dwarfs being the races that they are we Never wanted to play on that as well and So you see their influence on

Sparrowheim on every corner it's around You're going to find a lot of other Environments there's queries it's a very Industrial city it's very organized and You can see all the dwarves putting all The work into creating this great City Where they live in knowing that they're Blacksmiths that that was kind of Reflected within their clothing and you See that within the house is in every Inch we want to make sure that both the Environments and characters had a Cohesiveness that felt like every inch Of it felt like it went together and was Designed specifically by them and again That's something that we haven't seen in Some of the other Realms and is unique To this characters and their location And the hope it all goes together and Creates a feeling within around that You're excited to see feels unique and Really creates that sense of wonder Where you want to go back When designing a character to match the Geography around it uh first it's Definitely dictated by the vist dev team And the narrative team in the story team They make sure the character has Designed for features that fit in with What they need when designing the Grims We took a lot of inspiration from the Environment so we took a lot of Inspiration from lizards creatures that Kind of belong to that environment they

Have those big claws there's small Critters to the big ones and really Building up that race making sure they Kind of belong and that that realm Filled lived in and that ecosystem felt Like very diverse making sure that it Feels natural and believable is a big Part that goes into Design Elements so Our artist Stephen Oakley put a lot from The environment Concepts that Luke Berliner and his team were doing and put A lot of those into actually the skin Texture even the bulk and volumes that You see in the characters so it really Does feel like not only do they belong In there but you're able to see them and They stand out for the combat Experiences with the character Character design is all about Storytelling in the example of darling His design was really tailored to convey His own personality he is a bookkeeper From swarlheim and because his job Demands he's very organized he's very Rigid and he's a very played by the Rules kind of guy but then in contrast You have his friend so when you see Darling connect with his pet we see that He's not all just this rigid librarian Guy but that he's got a softer side to Him I do believe that we're all Storytellers no matter what we do even In the tech side of things I mean we Work to make these characters so then

Tell a story and we can also kind of put Those features and traits on our rigs The prophecies say femble winter leads To Ragnarok war is coming Swarheim the dwarves working with Different races from different Realms so Definitely seeing Ragnarok at the impact Of that into the realm it puts them into This position that's very interesting to See which side they take and things that They're building so as you go through The level you find out a lot more about This race and the political situation That is happening while Ragnarok and Fimbal winter is taking place Oh They're uh running away one thing that Our hope is with the cast of characters Within every realm is not that it's just Enemies there to kill you we want to Feel believable and that there's a wide World out there but we want to kind of Plant these seeds within any Castle Around that there's more outside of what You're playing and we want the fans to Feel like they can go back and really Visit those areas and want to go explore If the geysers and smell here are worse Because of fumble winter Maybe the earthquakes are too hi going Into his farheim I'm really excited for Players to experience all the new races That lived in that realm how they play They play very different from anything

We had before there's a wildlife it's Something that kind of goes unnoticed But we took a lot of effort to make the Realm feel believable so there's a lot In far I'm a lot to explore I'm really Excited for starlaheim it is a gorgeous Realm after looking through some of the Cinematics and playing some of the Cinematics and playing through some of The puzzles I'm so excited how water Plays such a big feature in that realm And that is so cool I'm most excited for Fans to finally get to see how the Dwarves live Brooklyn Cindy were fan Favorites in the last game so I think That all the work that we've put into Spiralheim is going to make all the Other door shine just as bright as the Brothers did the best part I have is Turning onto YouTube and seeing all These callouts and all the attention the Detail that the fans pick up on that's One thing that we keep in mind when We're designing characters to make sure Or we do right by the fans and knowing That all the work we put in will be seen And appreciated that's not always the Case but our plans just get every little Cooking cranny on that and we love that And we packed a lot of that in for this New cast and we hope you guys get the Same feeling with God of War Ragnarok

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