Garth Marenghi Returns: The Horror Icon’s Journey From Darkplace to TerrorTome (feat. Mike Flanagan)

Garth all over the honor to be speaking To you today how are you I'm fine thank You very much it is indeed and all that Um for you in the 1980s acclaimed horror Author Garth moringi wrote produced and Starred in dark place a supernatural Medical horror drama so controversial it Has hardly screamed since after years Away from the spotlight Garth returns With his latest book Terror Tome which Follows author Nick steen's battles with The Paranormal it has been a while since We've heard from you Garth uh besides Writing your new book what have you been Up to evolving mentally and spiritually Not physically as I've been in Peak Physical condition for over two decades Now which I put down to an aggressive Eating habit that simultaneously burns Calories while I ingest but evolving in All other senses ascending to a plane of Consciousness that will enable me to Steer rudderless Humanity toward calmer And more enlightened Waters Um that and I went to Corfu a couple of Times too and you don't often give Interviews I I question do you have an Open disdain for the press or is it more Of a private disdain it's a complete and All-consuming design which I express Openly and privately wherever and Whenever possible for instance now Um you know I have no problem in Expressing my deep and wholehearted

Disdain for you your publication uh Whatever it be and all your profession Represents including any of your Collectors Associates family or progeny That they hold dear I and I appreciate you taking the time To to slum it with me regardless Um and and I did have a note here in the About the authors section of your new Book Terror Tome which is going to be Published very soon here your bio notes That you were an honorary fellow and and It seems that the the bio stops on on That I was just curious as to what you Were an honorary fellow of it's an on an Honorary fellow of the literary Association of horrific and explicit Pros uh formerly the order of the Onyx Wrapped Um with Blasphemous as a rule but we Refuse to disrobot our annual AGM unlike The order of the starved weasel who Conduct all business Sons vetmon Um and the last I heard Richard Osmond Was trying to join both but no one will Propose him another thing that I learned Uh through reading your biography is That you you spent nine years as part of A library reading group honing your Craft what did you learn about the Depths of horror during that time there Is is almost impossible to conduct live Readings in an environment where the Noise especially screaming is frowned

Upon and where herotica is considered an Outrage to public decency even though Libraries are the one place where the Geriatric can still access free risque Material without needing to ask someone To reach for the top shelf Plus if I signed any of my own books They were technically considered damaged And I was billed accordingly pretty Hellish as you can probably imagine well You've moved quite on from that and and Again we have your new book here Terratome which is an absolute the Industry term would be a pants share of A book And and in that book we meet Nick Steen Your newest hero a man of action a Ladies man something of a genius in in Literary sense and otherwise and and I'm Curious what of yourself did you pour Into that character if anything you know I naturally embody all of my characters Heroic qualities Um but I generally tend to hold back a Little bit each book to keep my next Character interesting for example you Know Nick Steen is six foot one but I'm Six foot two uh next Dean is a genius Yes uh I'm part deity Um an ancient Norse god in actual fact Um so it's important to hold a little Bit back you know not least money you Know in fiction and in life you have to Hold stuff back don't give any any spare

Money or what keep it for yourself you Might need it and I I do have to commend You on the sensitivity with which you Wrote those um those graphic typewriter Sex scenes uh what was on your mind During those passages uh how to extract Hate myself from my own machine if I'm Frank with you because I did it with my Own typewriter as research for this book But it took two weeks it took actually Took two weeks to extricate my sickage From the carriage return lever which had Snagged on thatch during which period I Wrote the scene in question and dined Largely alive well sometimes we have to Throw ourselves into our arcs to better Understand it quite Brave of you if I'm Honest Um I wouldn't recommend no no for Professionals only I would say teratome Sees nicstine through three Tales of Gut-wrenching Terror including the final Of the trio the dark fractions which Sees Nick grappling with the malevolent Shades of his own Twisted personality Quite literally if Nick's darker Fractions are indeed some way a Reflection of you their creator Um what aspect of your pro uh Personality do you believe that the Wrestling demon represents I was very Disturbed by that that Passage of its Gruesome attempts to kind of rip Nick's Ass off that was very horrific to me as

Unacceptable as it may seem to Modern Readers um physical combat is an art And wrestling particularly grappling Part naked with sweaty fingers is the Epitome of the form Grappling Mano Amano weather to rip the Ass free from one's opponent or d-trick Them by degrees is an urge perennialist Time so literary sensitivity as you so Rightly say is key here you know this Passage isn't about retro rupturing it's About grippage and it is certainly one Of the most gripping passages in the Novel if you would excuse the pun Uh you'd spend over two pages describing Nick and Roz's attempts to change the Batteries in a flashlight in the middle Of a very stressful situation why do you Find it so important to flesh out those Fine details in your Pros you see Writings of balance okay it's a balance Between hitting the minimum number of Words for a quick style or needing to Think ahead while your brain would Actually be rather watching TV while Typing at the same time so you know Writing's an art form of course but it's Also a physical activity the two don't Always need to occur at the same time as Long as the manuscript makes his typing With thinking in some basic form at some Point between commencement and Conclusionment then that's all the Average or stupid reader will really

Care about so you know you've got to Think in Practical terms and I I do Admit I I found myself having to look up A few of the words that you used um yeah A little above my level to be honest Exactly quite inspiring all the same uh You do seem to have a combative Relationship with punctuation in your Pros where does that animosity come from Uh instinctual rebellions It's ingrained and that's it's without An apostrophe Bad dramatics no question mark or Maverickivity again no question mark You tell me Ellipsis not full stop Another Ellipsis three dots full stop Ellipsis question mark I think that sounds at art really Ellipsis oh Okay either No okay great well we can move on Nick Has a truly beautiful friendship with Bruford the psychic dugong yeah that was A that was a relationship I really Enjoyed uh tracking throughout the novel Do you think that the world is ready to Accept such a close relationship Twix The man and porpoise Well hopefully after territone there Will be you know um mankind needs to Understand and empathize with its Aquatic cousins it's terrible I would Say what Mankind's done to see life Stealing selling their blubber sticking

Shark fins in soup to scare young Children You know I can see the sentence trapping Explosives to dolphins for Naval Combat And or suicidal strikes against enemy Destroyers and you know I've never Objected to scientific experiments you Know trying to merge man with shock for Example to create some kind of deep sea Super aquatic Soldier that gets my vote But It's it's really the prices of coddle And Haddock now it's it's shot up we Fished these guys to extremes and I hate Pollock so we've really got a you know Sort it out in your acknowledgment Acknowledgments for the book you do Reference this as as volume one uh do we Have can we look forward to a volume two Of the terror term in the future do you Have any designs on what that would look Like Uh there is a volume two I will be Writing it not NXT Um just in case you're confused I'm Confused yeah that's right I mean so yes I will be writing I don't know when Um again time is always the issue here You know because minutes seconds turn Into minutes minutes turn into hours Hours into days days into weeks weeks Into months months into years and so on And so Both decades who knows I will be in

Battling time But I'll do my best to bring you volume Two in good time As we know in these modern times most People can't read and and rely on screen Adaptations of books to uh to take in Literature in some way watered down as Yeah maybe do you have any uh sort of Desire to adapt Terror tone to the Screen and and would you play Nick Steen In such case It would all depend Largely on money how much we're at play Is it big budget is you know how much of That budget comes to me Um how much can we pull back you know How cheaply can we get people to do it It's a lot of questions with these Things possibly I would like to close This interview by uh by bringing in one Of your one of your contemporaries we Have a message here from uh American Horror director you take that yeah it's Worth uh Mike Flanagan uh take it away Mike well we we live by his Bible you Know uh he I think he famously said Um that a lot of writers use uh subtext And they're all cowards Um I I agree with that uh but yes uh Author Dreamweaver plus actor Garth Moringi Um please please express to him Um That nothing would make us happier than

To have Garth morangi share some words Of creativity Um around around the fire Um I think he could he could bring an Enormous amount of incredible You know creative Perfection to Something like that Look Mike Sitting around a woodland fire in the Fall which is incidentally called Autumn By the way toasting marshmallows and Swapping halloween-based platitudes Amit Tedious retellings of a local Boogeyman Sex pest that's all very well but you're The one with the Netflix deals Boggy Creek to my ass how much are you talking Gareth we're at the end of our time Today do you have any parting words of Wisdom for our horror loving audience Not really Um buy my book please I guess I have to Say please that's what um hotter have Indicated play I hate saying it please buy my book Read it Absorb it learn Then think then act Gareth thank you and Then and then Evolve D Garth thank you very much for your Time today and thank you as always be Careful out there in the cause of Cosmos I will you too Tom really yeah

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