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On today’s IGN The Fix: EntertainmentWarner Bros. Discovery CEO Dave Zaslav took a defensive approach to questions about the various shows and movies leaving HBO Max, talking instead about how the company will be focusing on the big franchises going forward. Quentin Tarantino takes a jab at Marvel directors. Finally, Toho announces a new Godzilla movie for 2023.

What's up everybody I'm Damon Hatfield And in today's fix of entertainment news Warner Brothers Discovery is focusing on Big franchises some Choice words from Quentin Tarantino about Marvel directors And the Return of the King of monsters To the big screen let's get into it If you're a big fan of Superman Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings then you May be in luck during the Warner Brothers Discovery third quarter Earnings call CEO Dave zazlov shared That the movie studio will make those Big franchises its main priority going Forward in order to make its HBO Max Streaming service more of a draw Yes you heard that right my little Hobbit so we may be getting more Lord of The Rings movies even though Amazon's Prime video just released the first Season of its Lord of the Rings show the Rings of power which was fine wbd still Has the rights to make Middle Earth Movies based on J.R.R tolkien's Epic Fantasy Books curiously zazov cited a Need to focus on Superman and Harry Potter because there hasn't been a Superman movie in 10 years or a Harry Potter movie in 15 years when in reality Neither of those statements are true Superman was a title character in Batman V Superman dawn of Justice in 2016 six Years ago and since 2016 there have been Three Fantastic Beasts movies set in the

World of Harry Potter perhaps what he Meant to say was we're overdue for a Solo Superman movie because it's been Nine years since Man of Steel released In 2013 and that he'd like to make a Sequel to the Harry Potter series Actually featuring Harry Potter maybe a Film adaptation of the cursed child and If that's what he meant then we agree Those would be movies we would watch the CEO was on the defensive while Fielding Questions about why HBO Max suddenly Dropped a number of films and shows from Its catalog he explained that many of Them like Bonanza weren't to draw for Customers and so the studio plans on Attracting more eyeballs by focusing on The aforementioned big franchises that Have historically been successful that Said the days of releasing big movies Directly to HBO Max like they did with Dune and the Matrix resurrections are Over zazlov said those kinds of films Didn't translate to increased subscriber Numbers and that they'd perform better With a traditional theatrical release But what do you think of Warner Brothers Discovery's plans are more Superman Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings Movies what you want to see let us know In the comments next up while doing Press for his new book Cinema Speculation my man Quentin Tarantino Took a jab at Marvel directors saying

Quote you have to be a Hired Hand to do Marvel movies I'm not a Hired Hand I'm Not looking for a job the films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe seem to be the Favorite punching bag of Veteran Directors with everyone from Martin Scorsese to Ridley Scott expressing Their distaste for the superhero Franchise that has been dominating Hollywood for over a decade in his book Tarantino compared the superhero movie Boom to The Surge of big Studio Movie Musicals in the 60s and he has hopes That eventually the popularity of Superhero movies will fade like they Once did and to think if only Sound of Music and West Side Story co-existed in An MCU a musical Cinematic Universe They'd still be around Finally some news that will make Kaiju Enthusiasts Roar with delight a new Godzilla movie from Japanese Studio Touhou is on the way The news came on November 3rd which Marked the 68th anniversary of Godzilla's creation and is known as Godzilla day while we weren't given any Details about the new film starring the King of monsters we did get a release Date November 3rd 2023. so in one year We'll all be able to celebrate Godzilla's 69th birthday with the brand New film I have no idea if it's gonna be like a

Dude in a suit or a CGI but I I do have One wish and on on the counterparts of This show today the daily fix the gaming Fix I revealed that I was able to will Into existence the return of a classic Obscure arcade game called elevator Action returns so I'm gonna press my Luck I'm gonna try it again twice this Week I'm gonna try to put this out into The universe make this happen Make it happen Touhou bring these these Three gentlemen back That is all for your fix it It's for more stay tuned to IGN happy Godzilla Day to all those who celebrate

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