EVGA Left At the Right Time: NVIDIA RTX 4090 Founders Deep-Dive (Schlieren, 12-Pin, & Pressure)

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We ran even more tests on the RTX 4090. These in-depth tests of the Founders Edition cooler look at the pressure distribution, flatness, power design and cables, and frequency stability for the NVIDIA RTX 4090 that just launched. We’ll also talk about the 12-pin power cable and the adapter that NVIDIA provides to the 4x 8-pin cables, because Corsair recently called GN’s comments on the cable “total BS” — so we’re responding. This covers Cyberpunk results differences in reviews as well. Our primary focus here is the mechanical and thermal design of the cooler, especially with Schlieren airflow imaging.

Watch our NVIDIA RTX 4090 benchmarks & review:
Watch the result of cutting an RTX 4090 FE cooler in half:

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00:00 – A Deeper Dive on the RTX 4090 Coolers
02:05 – Corsair Calls GN’s Testing “BS”
05:25 – Demonstrating the Cable Behavior
07:30 – NVIDIA’s Engineering Lead on Partners
08:34 – Reviewer Cyberpunk Benchmark Result Differences
10:39 – Setup for Imaging the Airflow
12:30 – Patrick Explains the Test Setup
15:00 – Airflow: Rear Exhaust (IO Plate)
17:26 – Airflow: Both Fans Spread Wide
18:40 – Air Recirculation Blocking
20:00 – Airflow: Vertical Orientation
21:05 – Airflow: Crazy Right Fan
21:40 – Mechanical Testing: Pressure & Flatness
24:28 – Pressure Map
24:24 – Coldplate Flatness Testing
25:32 – RTX 4090 Noise Testing
28:54 – Founders Edition Frequency Boosting Strengths
29:44 – Conclusion

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Host, Writing, Testing & Lead: Steve Burke
Schlieren Imaging Testing: Patrick Lathan
Video Editing: Mike Gaglione
Video Editing, Production, Camera: Andrew Coleman

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