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Happy Monday everyone! It’s Esports news day and in today’s Compete Fix, we have the latest details on the Warzone 2 launch coming later this week. There’s a new map with varied terrain that introduces underwater mechanics, an updated gulag featuring 2v2, a new DMZ mode (that’s basically Escape from Tarkov), and new ways to customize your loadout. Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 goes live on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation platforms November 16th. Apex Legends Global Series Pro League has wrapped it’s second week, and here are the results. The Guard signed a new team roster right at Pro League’s launch this year with Keon, RKN, and RamBeau. We also have the current global kill leaders for this season. And finally, the collapse of crypto exchange FTX sent shockwaves through the entire financial industry, and is even making an impact in eSports. TSM has a partnership with FTX worth $210 million dollars, and it’s unclear how this will affect TSM’s financials, but the organization is promising they remain profitable.

Happy Monday everyone it's Esports Newsday and I'm your host Stella Chung In today's compete fix we have the Latest details on the war zone 2 launch Coming later this week Apex Legends Global series pro league week 2 results And how the bankruptcy of FTX will Affect TSM Call of Duty Warzone 2's launch trailer Showcased a ton of new information about The next iteration of its Battle Royale Warzone 2's map will be on the brand new Almost raw with varied terrain from Desert land to flowing rivers that Introduce new underwater Dynamics like You experienced in the campaign don't Worry for those worried about the leaks On not being able to use custom loadouts The options to call these in will be Available in game one of the ways to Obtain your custom Loadout is through Infiltrating new AI defended strongholds Located throughout the map if you get Eliminated early you can come back to The battlefield with a new Gulag system That actually pairs you with a random Opponent making it a TV too Warzone 2 Also has a new Mode called DMZ which is Basically an escape from tarkov mode Complete with looting and extraction Mechanics and of course with the Introduction of Modern Warfare 2's third Person playlist Warzone 2 will also have A third person playlist available

Sometime during season one and not Immediately at launch season one of Course brings a whole new battle pass That can be leveled in any game mode in Warzone or multiplayer and you can Preload Warzone 2 now ahead of its Launch Wednesday November 16th see you In the war zone Apex Legends Global Series pro league is in its second week Of competition and there is a new team Shining Above the Rest in the Leaderboards the guards signed a new Team roster right at Pro League's launch This year with Keon rkn and Rambo arkan Played for torrent Esports and IG International previously and Rambo Really brought himself into the ALG as Seen at championships 2021 when he Subbed with GMT Esports Keon is an Incredible player and capable of holding His own and securing important kills and Fights with these three on the same team The guard has been excelling in the North American lobbies for pro league Currently the guard is first placed in The leaderboards and don't seem to be Moving from that soon currently the kill Leaders in each region are n a Rambo and Mia Tyler FPS Apec North fras Apex South Striping flame and South America won Worst the next match day for Na's pro League is Sunday November 20th at 2PM so Mark your calendars to keep up to date With algs

FTX The cryptocurrency Exchange Partnered with TSM has filed for Bankruptcy this through their multiple Partnerships with Esports companies into The spotlight like TSM TSM signed a 210 Million dollar deal with FTX That was Supposed to be a 10-year long deal in 2021. TSM released a statement on Twitter saying the team doesn't have any More information than what the public Does but that TSM is quote built on a Solid foundation where stable and Profitable and we continue to forecast Profitability for this year next year And Beyond there have been no further Updates on TSM or FTX in their current Status but Furia also previously Partnered with FTX has just terminated Their partnership we'll continue to Monitor the situation and keep you Updated Are you excited for Warzone 2 and have You been watching algs pro league let us Know I'm Stella Chung and now that You're all caught up on Esports news be Sure to watch my video on the essential Tips and tricks for Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer ahead of season 1's launch for more up-to-date Esports Views be sure to tune back in here at IGN every Monday for the latest see you Next time

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