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There’s a lot going on over on Twitter, with a lot of Twitter employees not being on board with what Elon Musk is dubbing ‘hardcore Twitter 2.0.’ Twitter employees are locked out of Twitter HQ, as Elon and his leadership are scared some of their employees might sabotage the company from the inside. What’s going to happen with #Twitter is the major question on everyone’s mind, and is #ElonMusk making good decisions for the company? And what are the possible Twitter alternatives for Twitter users? Also in the news, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean’s final episodes release date, and Wakanda Forever asserts dominance at the box office.


Yo what's going on everybody Hakeem here And in today's fixer entertainment news We break down the mass Exodus of both Users and employees at Twitter like What's Elon Musk doing exactly now JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean's Final episodes release date and wakanda Forever asserts dominance at the box Office let's drop it [Music] And there's a lot going on over at Twitter with a lot of Twitter employees Not being on board with what Elon Musk Is dubbing hardcore Twitter 2.0 I don't know if Elon ever heard of the Saying if it ain't broke don't fix it But it seems he's hell-bent on forcing Us to cop up eight butts and a slew of Other unnecessary action items just to Share our thoughts on the social media Platform and now a bunch of Twitter Employees are locked out of Twitter HQ As Elon and his leadership are scared Some of their employees might sabotage The company from the inside So they're doing some weird covert Ops To try and find out which employees are Suspect and need to have their access Cut that's kind of crazy to see a man With a lot of money buy a company for a Lot of money only to burn said money Making machine to the ground in an odd Attempt to supposedly upset the masses I personally don't care enough about

Twitter as it's not my most popular Social media platform but you know What's rather entertaining to watch Everyone so upset about it and going to Twitter to post how upset they are about The impending changes how about you know You just leave the damn platform if You're so upset about it and it appears Some folks are doing just that with some Twitter users leaving for other social Media platforms like tribal Discord and Mastodon now according to a New York Times post Twitter employees were sent a Google form with the question asking if They'd want to stay with the company Given its impending changes and some Employees apparently just opted to post A farewell message on the platform and Kiss the company goodbye that definitely Seems elon's involvement with the Company has been the kiss of death for Twitter but supposedly half of its staff Either being fired or resigning But at least Elon did the right thing Admitting he was wrong in firing ligma And Johnson giving them back their jobs That's a plus now what do y'all think About all of this news this Twitter Debacle sound off in the comment section Down below let's discuss curious to know If you plan on leaving the platform now In other news we got Stone ocean Returning with its final episodes this December wrapping up jolene's bizarre

Story as she kicks ass in a Maximum Security Prison against other standard Users Now Netflix dropped the new trailer and It's honestly looking like it'll live up To the manga it'll be interesting to see Where the JoJo's anime will go from here As the stone ocean series kind of sets Up the rest of the franchise in a unique Way the stone ocean drops the final Batch of episodes December 1st And finally black panther wakana forever Is killing it at the box office scoring 400 million dollars globally And with an initial domestic intake of 181 million wakanda forever has had the Second biggest box office debut of 2022 So far just behind Doctor Strange and The Multiverse of Madness at 187.4 Million and with the Thanksgiving Holiday approaching wakana forever will Undoubtedly continue to welcome in Newcomers and big dollars And that about does it put your Entertainment news for today I'm Akeem Lawson and thank you all so much for Watching now that you're kind about Today's news please check out our Previous video download the IGN app on All your devices and for everything else Stick with IGN foreign

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