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So it appears that WB didn’t make the call on canceling Wonder Woman 3, it was Patty Jenkins. According to The Wrap, the director apparently walked away from the project after many of the higher ups cast doubt on some of her ideas. According to an insider source, upon receiving some skepticism on her direction, Jenkins was very vocal about letting Warner Bros. CEOs know that they didn’t understand the character or the overall character arc she had in mind for #WonderWoman. The #DCEU movie Patty Jenkins had in mind was vastly different from what the WB executives had in mind, so she walked away. James Gunn apparently had no involvement with the Wonder Woman 3 movie cancellation. In other news, Jackie Chan has confirmed Rush Hour 4 is happening. And finally, we look at the Mario Bros. movie showcasing new footage.

Hey what's up everybody I'm Akeem and in Today's fix of entertainment news the Real reason we won't be seeing Wonder Woman 3 anytime soon Rush Hour 4 is Confirmed and Mario's cleaning the pipes In this new clip from the upcoming Mario Brothers movie Let's drop it Right so it appears that WB didn't make The call on canceling Wonder Woman 3. it Was Patty Jenkins Now according to the wrap the director Apparently walked away from the project After many of the higher-ups cast doubt On some of her ideas now according to an Insider Source upon receiving some Skepticism on her Direction Jenkins was Very vocal about letting Warner Brothers CEOs know that they didn't understand The character or the overall character Arc she had in mind for Wonder Woman and According to this Insider Jenkins also Sent an email to one of the CEOs and Ended it with a Wikipedia link to the Definition of character Arc to further Emphasize their lack of understanding I'm pretty sure that didn't sit well or Land as intended but ultimately Wonder Woman 3 isn't happening Uh although it you know was just a few Days ago uh as of the recording of this Video it was reported that Jenkins had Submitted a treatment for the film so For anyone blaming you know the new Leadership in James Gunn or Peter Safran

Uh for the cancellation of the third Film don't Patty Jenkins had a vision in Mind and the CEOs at Warner Brothers Just didn't want to move forward with Her initial idea She did what any creative would do if They didn't want to jeopardize their Creative Direction and walked away from The project entirely and Jenkins Reportedly wasn't open to speaking with James Gunn or saffron to hear what Thoughts they might have which kind of Makes sense you know this project was in Development before the new leadership And despite guns reputable directing Chops Jenkins is capable on her own But you know let's be honest not every Single movie needs to have a third entry So if this is where the Wonder Woman Series the series of movies ends so be It I mean at least we're gonna get you Know a Wonder Woman video game at some Point so there's that now speaking of Cool things we'll be getting Jackie Chan Has confirmed Rush Hour 4 is happening Now reported by variety the martial arts Superstar said quote we're talking about Rush Hour 4 right now well that's Exciting news yay and it follows news From 2018 where Jackie Chan's co-star Chris Tucker confirmed a fourth was in The works calling it The Rush of all Rushes but whatever the hell that means Now as far as we know there's no

Director currently attached and no Release date just yet so it seems There's no rush on getting Rush Hour 4 Into theaters And finally while we're on the topic of Russia's a Head Rush Oh Boy Mamma Mia Our boy little plumber boy Mario Received just that as he went up and Down and all around those pipe scene in This new clip from the Mario Brothers Movie that premiered at the game awards Now toad showed our plumber boy around Giving us a good glimpse of the world They'll be building with the upcoming Film and honestly I think you know the More we see of this film and the less we Hear of Chris Pratt's Mario voice the More excited I personally get for this Animated movie April 7 2023 is gonna be A special day for the Mushroom Kingdom And all the toad look-alikes in there They all look like toad it's weird well Drop a Yahoo in the comments section if You're excited And that was your entertainment fix for Today I'm Akeem lewanson and thank you For watching now that you're caught up On today's news please check out our Previous episode download the IGN app on All your devices and for everything else Stick with IGN

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