Disenchanted – Official Behind the Scenes (2022) Amy Adams, Maya Rudolph

Go behind the scenes with the cast and crew of Disenchanted, including director Adam Shankman, Amy Adams (Giselle), Patrick Dempsey (Robert Philip), James Marsden (Prince Edward), Maya Rudolph (Malvina Monroe), and producer Barry Josephson. Find out what the upcoming Enchanted sequel is all about and meet this movie’s new villain, Malvina.

Disenchanted debuts on Disney+ on November 18, 2022.

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Oh The Beating Heart of Enchanted is Giselle Giselle is Joy gisela's heart And that is all because of Amy I feel Very connected to the character I Remember just feeling in my soul I think I'm Gisele the First Enchanted is so Beloved now we get to tell a new story Let's start our new life This film takes place 10 years after the First film pretty soon this whole place Will feel like home you'll see so They've moved to Suburbia Congratulations and it all goes horribly Wrong And this world is not to your liking Then you must change it so Giselle makes A wish and turns real life into the Fairy tale world I wish Jumping Jelly sticks it's time for a new Adventure but you know be careful what You wish for Something is going on with her and I Want to know what we have a delicious New villain by Maya Rudolph as a little Girl I wanted to be a princess and then You grow up and you realize ooh the Villain's really juicy oh Giselle what Have you done it's so much fun seeing a Whole new side to Giselle It was really fun to explore the Different part of her I like to call it Wicked wicked good people will love the Songs and the dancing this time Dina and

James are singing this film takes you on A wonderful adventurous ride and really Captures the magic of the original film

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