Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion – First 15 Minutes of Gameplay

Check out the opening moments of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion, captured in 4K on PlayStation 5. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion is a remastered release of the classic action-RPG, original released on PSP back in 2007. The game stars Zack Fair and is set seven years prior to the events of the Final Fantasy VII.


Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Train has been overrun by wu-tight Troops eliminate them and regain control Of the tree Oh yeah get serious [Music] Zach [Music] Zach Focus There are no Shinra troops on this train Understood Hello to you too [Music] Come and get it Hey Ah Thanks [Music] [Music] Soldier second class Zach on the job [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign Speaking making progress Zach and Geo What's going on why are we fighting Shinra troops they are wu-tie troops You mean towards sector eight yeah Yeah but first

You're gonna have to clear a path clear A path You'll see what I mean be careful So I can cut loose right It's showtime Activating combat mode [Music] Foreign Piece of cake I'll make first in no time You got it Foreign [Music] Activating combat mode [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign You're back to the enemy Overconfidence will destroy you What is this Damn it You're not the only hero that's over Impossible [Music] Foreign Thanks angel Thank you Training's over Why [Music] You serious Foreign I was just getting warmed up Zach

Embrace your dreams Huh If you want to be a hero you need to Have dreams And to honor Hey Zach you seem a little on edge can You blame me all this Training And no Assignments like they're hanging me out To dry You must be pretty busy with everyone Off base Uh off face wait haven't you heard There's been a mass desertion at Soldier Huh One of the firsts has deserted took a Bunch of seconds and Thirds with him All from wutai motive goal all a mystery Right now this Mass Soldier desertion Is why your training's on hold Whoa a first Zach you're up yeah finally time for Some real action Yes it'll be your show yeah Yeah report to director Lazard There will be a briefing Zach It's good to finally meet face to face Lizard director of soldier On the business Soldier first class Genesis A month ago He went missing during a mission in

Wutai Know anything about this Not a clue um The mission is currently stuck in limbo That's why we've decided to send you Uh to wutai yes This war has gone on long enough I've Recommended you for first I love you man and yeah don't make me Regret this Zack sir Once you're packed you'll leave it once After entering wutai we go straight to Work If you have any questions about missions In combat he can help you Hey Zach I know Just ask First we should really go over combat Probably got a handle on it and training But I sent you a mail explaining the Basics Take a look okay [Music] So did you read it Thoughts I mean I doubt you'd get it all In one read That is so not true Well it's there if you want to review Oh the material you were using during Training has been taken back powerful Materia have to be earned those are the Soldier rules Now let's talk about missions

The various Services Shinra provides for Civilians those are what we call Missions To take on missions you first have to Register your information on the mission Board Once registered you can look up Mission Information on your handset I'll show you how to register on the Board come on Thank you Foreign Now that you're officially registered You should try a mission Oh yeah Good idea The save points that way If you're not completely sure about Something read the tutorial mail that I Sent you [Music] Foreign Combat mode [Music] Foreign [Music]

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