Choo-Choo Charles – First 20 Minutes of Gameplay

Check out the first 20 minutes of Choo-Choo Charles, an indie survival horror game, with a comedic twist, all about trying to survive against a killer train.

Developed by Two Star Games, Choo-Choo Charles is available on PC now.

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I know it's been a while since we last Spoke but something has happened at the Mines I've been supervising no trust me You'll want to make time for this You're looking for something big to keep Your Museum in business well there's Something big on that island real big So many friends and even my own son are Still out there if anyone can bring this Thing down it's you it'll be the biggest Attraction your city's ever seen and you Can help an old friend yes meet me on The docks Sunset I hope you're ready for A little Monster Hunt Foreign [Music] Happy spider from Hell we've been Planning his demise for some time now And have nearly everything in order just A few people to meet places Symbol errands you know Yes sir welcome to aerodynam the island Where miners dig their own Graves Stay close Charles isn't the only thing To fear around here There's a train shed at the top of the Hill So his old engine should be in there If we can get to it it could be an Indispensable tool on our journey Stay close we don't want to be exposed For too long [Music] Oh shucks it's locked

Not to worry we can still find a way in There's a small shack up the path that Might have a key inside Take this map I just marked the location On it See if the key is up there and I'll look Around some more down here [Music] Foreign Good on you looks like you found it open Up that door and Lead the Way Hey that's what I'm talking about She's an oldie but a goodie I'm going to Inspect the Train's exterior Why don't you take a peek inside see What we got to work with [Applause] Foreign Well the exterior is a little rough but Everything looks to be intact That gun you were looking at wasn't on Here when I was evacuated from the Island but it sure looks fun to use We can light up Charles with it and take Him down before he even sees us coming Are you ready to take this thing for a Spin [Music] Yeah baby We're coming for you Charles Do you hear that it's him it's him Let's go If he's not taking enough damage [Music]

[Music] Foreign Yes sir The end Easy out you'll need to do that In the eggs Five Uh [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign Foreign Foreign [Applause] Eugene told us we'd have a newcomer soon I suppose that would be you There's some scrap metal in the balcony Room of my house that you could use to Repair and upgrade your train Here's the key and although the balcony Is right behind me I'll just mark it on Your map anyway As a side note talk to anyone around Here and they'll do whatever they can to Help Anyone not wearing a mask that is Check out the balcony and take whatever You can use Good luck with everything Foreign Foreign [Applause] Foreign

[Music] I know you're supposed to be some fancy Advanced Monster Hunter but you can't Earn my respect without making yourself Useful One of Warren's goons dumped a lot chest In the yard last night after beating on It for a few hours I didn't break Anything but a sweat I got some locked Picks but I don't know how to use them Here take them if you can get that chest Open you'll earn my respect I might just Give you some scraps to help improve Your train Foreign Foreign Fancy Fingers here got the chest Unlocked That's an odd looking piece of junk you Found inside there but let down to be Frank they earned my respect so here's Some scraps like I promised Foreign [Music] Foreign I made a little flamethrower as an Addition to my spider train Home Defense Plan but as you can see it is slightly Uh backfired Nearly cooked myself alive and that shed As I was testing it cute day I would Love to save the shed though if in the Flamethrower somehow still works after The fire dies down well you can take it

I'd assume you're the monster hunter That folks have been expecting so uh a Weapon like this could come in handy Using the water tank to put out the fire Pure genius Here take old bug spray cause of this Chaos I don't want to see it anywhere near Here again you die Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign [Music] Foreign Foreign

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