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Happy Monday everyone we've had a lot of Esports news over the weekend I'm Stella Chung and in today's compete fix Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer is Missing big features at launch League of Legends Community is calling for a new Zeca award for worlds 2022 and there's a New competitive Valor and game mode Launching in Alpha soon Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer launched October 28th and it's had a mixed bag of Reactions from the community while I Enjoyed my first few hours in the game I Did experience some bugs on PC like Random white screen flickering Throughout some matches crashes and Server problems but I also noticed some Missing content from the base game while There will be some feature updates to Come with each new season launch a lot Of Call of Duty players voice their Frustrations and disappointments while There will be some feature updates to Come with each new season launch a lot Of Call of Duty players voiced their Frustrations and disappointments with The lack of ring to play hardcore Playlists custom reticles and blueprints And combat record stats most players Though were upset about the lack of Hardcore the good news is that the Hardcore playlist will arrive November 16th with season one but the playlist is Now called tier one operators will have

Less Health in that mode limited HUD Elements and friendly fire will be on so It's the same thing just a different Name but November isn't too far off and You can accidentally shoot your friends In tier one mode soon with worlds 2022 Well underway League of Legends fans This weekend called on Riot via social Media to add a new zeca award the awards Suggestion is named after drx's mid Laner zeka who outperformed at the Grand Finals of Worlds and helped his team Defeat Genji in that series zekka score Was 10 4 16 and his KDA at the main Event was 6.0 at Esports Kobe on Twitter Said we need a new award for breakout Superstar on the international stage for Zeka this man is a beast the second Award would most likely be given to a Player with no expectations of Particularly outstanding performance but Coming out on top as the star player Either way it is a huge accomplishment For DRX and Seka to move on the World to November 5th and face off against Faker And T1 good luck to both teams and I Can't wait to see them play live Even with Riot being busy with worlds They have been forgotten about valorant Players there's a new competitive game Mode that we'll be launching in an alpha Testing period soon this game mode Encourages a higher goal above radiant Which is the current highest rank in the

Game to feel more competitive players Premiere is meant to bridge the gap Between competitive play and pro play Since the top teams in the seasons can Qualify for a tournament to win the Division championship this mode will Have teams of five and pre-arranged Matches in Seasons which are roughly a Few weeks long you can then build a team Rosters that will be placed in a Division to play in weekly matches and Tournaments Premiere is only about 60 Complete according to Riot but is coming To Alpha Testing for Brazil hopefully The rest of the world gets to try it on Alpha soon as well how do you feel about Modern Warfare 2's hardcore mode being Renamed and delayed are you excited for World's finals let us know I'm Stella Chung and now that you're all caught up On the news be sure to watch my Apex Legends season 15 breakdown on all the New updates coming to the next season of Apex and of course for all things Esports news be sure to stay tuned right Here at IGN every Monday to get caught Up [Music]

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